10 reason why abruptly to be a man.

10 reason why abruptly to be a man

10 reason why abruptly to be a man

To be born the boy now really abruptly. Before you millions of the opportunities inaccessible to girls are open and all those problems with which girls are regularly at war are closed. Yes already one phrase “stronger sex”, really it is not abrupt?

Men play computer games

Men play computer games, and nobody will tell anything the word against. Whether he tries to interrupt all gods of the Olympus in God of War or all demons of hell in Dante’s Inferno, he is all the same loved, respected and fed with tasty borsch. The girl with the joystick is usually perceived with suspicion: it is considered that the best game which can be thought up for the weaker sex is a washing of ware.

Men don't cry at cinema

Men don’t cry at cinema. Usually they don’t watch at all movies where though for a second it is possible to shed a few tears (unless someone will be touched by dramatic milestones of a heavy course of life of Optimus Prime). They never learn, what is it — an hour and a half to smear a make-up on cheeks, sympathizing with the main character who has got into a scrape, and then to leave in the movie theater foyer with a red nose and tear-stained eyes. Men leave cinema, smiling broadly and getting of teeth the popcorn which has got stuck there.

The man can walk in a t-shirt

The man can walk in a t-shirt and consider at the same time the image finished. No also jeans, but on it all, of course, are necessary. Especially as men’s t-shirts are transcendental objects, they are quite self-sufficient: for example, Rare t-shirts mask under vests, and Gaudi t-shirts bewitch risky semi-erotic prints. The girl, putting on a t-shirt since morning, supplements her with a scarf, emphasizes her color with a bracelet, chooses suitable ear rings, a thong, a rim in hair and color of eye shadow. You represent how many difficulties, and we have still omitted the painful daily choice of a hairstyle, footwear and color of nail varnish!

Men have functional watch whereas at girls it is just beautiful bracelets with dials. The good men’s watch shows date and a day of the week (watch of Invicta), doesn’t cause an allergy (watch of Emporio Armani), with them it is possible to take a shower (watch of Roberto Cavalli), they have luminescent arrows which it is visible in the dark (watch of GF Ferre), they look seriously and thoroughly (watch of Burberry). The women watch even from the same brands is similar rather to toys, than to a mini-gadget. Unfairly!

The man doesn't carry heels

The man doesn’t carry heels and even in solemn occasions is put in convenient footwear. Men’s shoes are usually sewed from skin or suede and manage to remain comfortable at all the stylish appearance. For example, urgent G-Star Raw shoes are sewed from gray-blue suede and perfectly are suitable for clothes in dark blue-light blue scale, even to jeans, and Puma by Hussein Chalayan shoes in general look as the love child of leather sneakers and strict boots. Women’s shoes are less humane: if in usual day, walking on heels of average height, the girl gets off only with couple of callosities, the solemn event like wedding or final in general can come to an end in the sick-list.

It is easy for man to buy an umbrella

It is easy for man to buy an umbrella. And it isn’t just easy, and it is elementary — having chosen between black and black. Elegant black umbrellas of Zest turn any man into James Bond, and strict black umbrellas of Doppler — into the intellectual and the clear head. The woman, choosing an umbrella, has to decide not only on color, the size and system, but also and the drawing which she wants to show to a rain. Cats, landscapes, fruit, shots from movies — the range is infinite, and the choice is painful!

Men have capacious bags

Men have capacious bags in which all is located: both the above-stated umbrella, and the tablet, and a lunch in a lunchbox, and documents, and a Coca bottle, and even the new room “Hastlera” in confidential office. With a leather Marc O’Polo bag it is quite possible to make business trips, and in a Braun Buffel bag to hide the laptop. Girls have all not so: houses they half an hour try to close a clutch, having thrust the filled cosmetics bag and the glossy magazine there, and in the subway overstrain under its weight. And all this with an attractive smile. Horror!

The man can go with a backpack

The man can go with a backpack and he won’t be taken for the bum, the traveler or the nonconformist. On the contrary, the man with a backpack is stylishly and beautifully, especially if it is a backpack of Kipling or a backpack of Curanni. The woman with a backpack is perceived by society if not as the schoolgirl, and with it, probably, already there’s nothing to be done.

Men have man purses

Men have man purses. In most cases man purses — it is amusing, but they such convenient that women all the same envy them.

Men grow thin easier

Men grow thin easier. Once he begins to have supper a burger with one cutlet instead of two and to drink beer four times a week instead of seven, this diet instantly bring the results. Women grow thin more difficult, for months eating only naked arugula and all the same are upset, looking at themselves in a mirror. A male — not only strong, but also happy!

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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