20 cool questions for the girl: What to ask the girl to seduce

20 cool questions for the girl

20 cool questions for the girl: What to ask the girl to seduce

Do you want to seduce a girl with words? Then use these 20 dirty and cool questions to the girl who can ask her and drive her into the paint. Do not know what to ask the girl to embarrass the lady?

Beautiful girls cautiously flirt and they are very difficult to get into widely spaced men’s networks.
If the girl is standing and you think that she is worth the effort, then you should know that it is easier to make communication and excite a girl than to give her a date.

After all, when it comes to meeting, she instinctively feels that she is being removed, that she is already open to hunting.

But smart guys cautiously ignite female curiosity and the desire for intimacy without going ahead, and communicating with her with the help of cool questions, as though showing interest to her, but in fact gradually seducing her.

But be careful! These questions can make a girl fall in love with you. Do not just break a tender woman’s heart.

These 20 questions a girl can be asked as directly, tete-a-tete, and through flirting SMS messages.


Funny questions for the girl – dirty SMS-flirt for seduction

It is best to ask the girl something important, sitting next to her. But if she does not feel very comfortable at the same time, or strains because you are too insistent or in a hurry, then you can profucing your chance to seduce her. And it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the situation later.

On the other hand, if you ask a girl a question in the form of a text message, then you do not see her immediate reaction, but you can always turn everything into a joke if she does not reciprocate, say that, you’re serious, I was pinned !!

So SMS-questions are a simple, safe and reliable way to take a girl from a distance.

Thus, with the help of the following questions, a guy can seduce a girl – go through the first stage of the relationship, to make the ice flow and catch fire.

The right questions for girls to seduce – if you do not know what to ask!

So, just asking these questions to the girl, carefully listening to her answers and answering her questions, you can approach the cherished uel. But we must be cautious and as sincere as possible.

The greatest effect will be achieved if you ask these questions from a girl who is in love with you.

I recommend that they be asked late at night, when the lady’s fantasy becomes your involuntary ally.

What to ask the girl for SMS

No. 1. Are you alone?
This question will help you to understand if the girl is missing, whether she is at home and ready for adventure. After all, you must agree, it’s impossible to flirt with a girl normally when her girlfriends or parents are nearby.

Say something encouraging: “I would like to be there next to you …” if she confirms that she is bored at home alone.

No. 2. What are you doing right now?

This additional question will help you make sure finally that she is alone and she is bored enough to be interested in your persona and get into your networks of a male spider.

No. 3. Do you like hugging when you are in bed?

Heat her with a flirtatious conversation on hot topics, without crossing the red line. Let her talk about whether she loves hugging at all with someone-not with you. Anyway, this conversation will direct her thoughts and feelings in the right direction.

No. 4. What do you go to bed for?

What do you dress when you go to bed?

What’s on you now?

This is a cool question for the girl who is best to ask if she is already in bed. He’s personal, but not too intimate. However, it is likely to catch fire.

Make a compliment to a lady – raise her feminine self-esteem with admiration: “I can only imagine how cool you are now …”

If you are talking with your girlfriend, your favorite girl, then you can ask her not only about the underwear items, but also ask about what color she is. This will be a good prelude, which will necessarily continue.

№ 5. What do you think, what are you most beautiful in everything?

What clothes do you like most? Why?

No. 6. Have you ever accidentally or specially peeped at how someone makes love?

This question will create a corresponding mood for the girl. But direct it to third parties, ask without clarification, impersonally – to avoid uncomfortable situations.

No. 7. Have you ever been touched by a guy in a public place? Can you cuddle, kiss in public? Does it turn you on?

Girls love not only the ears, but also the skin. They love touch. Thanks to this question, you ponish, touch your girlfriend or a real wild cat.

No. 8. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

This will help to find out how impulsive she is.

№ 9. If you had glasses-vsevidimki, what part of the male body would you explore through clothing in the first place?

It’s time to release the bold disobedient girl to freedom. Give the girl to answer the question – let her also prick or joke, if she can, let her be involved in this game, too.

No. 10. Do you prefer swimming trunks or boxers on a man?

Most likely she will say that she likes boxers. The secret of this issue to the girl is to make her think of you, so she thinks about what you are wearing and preferably translated the conversation into this plane.

No. 11. And in what way can you drive a guy crazy?

Let her tell how good she is in seducing males, let her prove to herself and you that she is capable of seducing a man like you.

Let him dream up.

No. 12. Do you have such a point, a place on the body, touching that, you can get excited from a half-turn?

Well, with this very cool question, you are already going straight to the point. If she answers it honestly, then you have every chance to be with her in the same bed.

No. 13. Are you excited by a massage?

And this question will help a girl seduce – after all, what woman does not like massage and gentle touch to her body?

You can cheat and timidly tell the companion, they say: “You know, I signed up for massage classes and attended several first lessons. Already did massage to my mother and sister. I do not know who else to practice. Maybe I’ll give you a massage. Do not worry, I will do everything so that you will get the most pleasure – because I already know all your secret points … “

What to ask the girl yet to further inflame her imagination and fantasies of intimacy with you?

No. 14. And if I accidentally kissed you on the lips, what would you think?

Let her introduce this kiss. And he will want it. This is an ideal question of exemplary pick-up – sneaky, but correct.

No. 15. Do you like kissing or kissing you?

Oh, it seems it’s getting hot! It does not matter what she says, because you can always adjust! If she says that she loves kissing – answer that you adore being kissed from the head to the tip … of the feet. And, on the contrary, if a girl loves when a guy kisses her, say that she just melts from your tender kisses …

No. 16. Do you think my body is more attractive completely shaved or natural?

And, whatever one may say, this cool question to the girl will force her to present you naked! And this is already something!

No. 17. What should a guy do to seduce you?

Hear the answer. And now, do not question the question what to ask the girl, and come back to question number 12 and repeat it again!

Hold on to her favorite places … She will be pleased.

No. 18. And if I whispered quietly to you all these questions right in your ear, would you give yourself to me?

Provocation, in a word. If you came to this question with her, she was definitely wet and probably lost her head.

No. 19. If you did not have a boyfriend, what could we do with each other right now?

If I were suddenly next to you, do you think we would have kissed?

This question is the original invitation of himself to her bed.

No. 20. And if one guy would like to come to you right now, what would you say to him? Would you like him to come?

Do not talk about yourself, just tease. If she answers “Yes, I would like to,” then you have to take your feet in your arms and go to her, so as to excite and seduce the girl not with questions, but with concrete deeds.

If you refuse, then a few minutes to play, and then open that you yourself want to visit her visit.

So, if you do not know what to ask the girl, what cool questions you can ask girls to excite and seduce, keep this page in the bookmarks and you will always be aware of!

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