3 stages maturing of the man.

3 stages maturing of the man

3 stages maturing of the man

Now you learn that maturing of the temper (and any other man) can be divided into 3 stages. What he can face and in what danger is concealed?

The pickup is that stage through which there pass all men. One it is done unconsciously (that moment of youth and active “celebrations”), others are engaged in it specially, but at the amateur level. And the third do it professionally.

Each man, regardless of what of the listed categories he treats, passes through 3 stages of maturing. Also there is a danger to clog in the development at one of levels and to turn the private life into a real nightmare. And, it is unimportant whether the man is familiar with the pickup or works on the private life independently, without having such knowledge.

What levels are?

3 stages maturing of the man, as temper

3 stages maturing of the man, as temper

Stage 1. The man (the guy is more often for the present) sincerely loves all women. In his understanding, it is beautiful creatures which deserve all the finest.

Girls consider him the good person, that which will always support at a difficult moment too. As a result: perceive him as friend. In the sexual plan he isn’t attractive to them.

And while his girlfriend complains to him of some “goat”, he sincerely supports her. He doesn’t understand why so to treat girls and thinks: “Eh, and I would be with her kind and gentle”. At the same time he hopes that sometime there will come the moment when she falls in love with him.

When that “the bad guy” calls her, she right there directs to him, and right there forgets about our hero. Rest: bewilderment and desire to prove that he is good. As a result: makes even more mistakes, driving itself into “the friend’s zone”.

He has the typical idea of women cast to him by women and society. Further follows …

Stage 2. At this stage the man is disappointed in all women. The offense and pain got at first “level” have exceeded a patience limit, and now he begins to treat the relations and a seducing more cynically.

At this stage the habitual picture of the world falls, and there comes sincere emptiness. He seeks to muffle the last new women, tempting all new and new women, and looking for a certain ideal in vacuum. Therefore his relations don’t last long time, and he wants to tempt all new and new women. Though if to glance more deeply, then it is possible to see that his aspiration to an ideal is connected only with the fact that it can’t create the normal relations with the women surrounding him.

However, despite much more cynical attitude towards women, at it is them much more, than at the previous hero. As the subconscious aspiration of the girl to heal his “wounds” or to draw attention to own person comes into force. Indifference from the guy didn’t leave indifferent any girl yet (forgive for a tautology :)).

However in the relations he has no same results, as well as in a seducing. And even if at him it turns out to create them, soon they come to an end. Because his subconscious disrespect for women or belief “at me everything can’t be good” sooner or later will be shown and will spoil these relations.

Stage 3. Now he isn’t oppressed any more by knowledge of how girls choose to themselves guys (as it was at the second level). At this stage the man ceases to react to whims of girls. He begins to belong with indulgence to all checks and strangenesses of girls.

Understanding the nature of things and realizing their weakness, he has learned to love all women, despite their “dissimilarity” on himself.

The man from the third level combines love to girls and ability to receive results. And as you have already understood, men from the first two levels of it have no or have just one.

Of course, this quite conditional division. Among the first there are those men who have already adopted cynicism of the second, but haven’t begun to receive results yet. And also there are men from the first level who have already begun to receive results, but haven’t managed to burn yet and still love women.

However it not the main thing because you have to know …

In what danger consists

In what danger consists

For certain you ever saw those men who, despite the quite big age, have stopped at the second level of development. Or that it is even worse, became cynical, but unlike previous, haven’t learned to receive the desirable from women.

And danger as you understand, consists that if you stop at the second stage, then you risk to take offense at all female and not to find sincere harmony.

Of course, not all pass through these stages since all of us are different. However know: if girls have once hurt you, and now you subconsciously avoid communication with them, then business at all not that they are some “bad”. Just you have clogged at the second level. And if you want that your private life pleased you and fed with energy, then an exit only one: practice and change of the beliefs.

And at what stage there are you now?

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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