5 occasions to strike up a conversation with the girl.

5 occasions to strike up a conversation with the girl

5 occasions to strike up a conversation with the girl

You don’t know how to approach the girl on the street? You are afraid that she won’t estimate your banal approach? Then use these occasions “for all occasions”.

When at acquaintance to the girl you have nothing to tell her, it isn’t lack at you of a lexicon and subjects for a conversation, and in your nervousness. Besides, considering that acquaintances often happen spontaneously, you have no time to prepare for a conversation, learning phrases.

If you think that your simple “Hi” and a standard set of phrases don’t work, then you can use 5 occasions to strike up a conversation. They are easily remembered, and don’t demand almost any preparation.

Occasion No. 1. To ask about her appearance

To ask about her appearance

Perhaps, one of the most convenient and memorable reasons for development of a conversation even with the most serious girl. πŸ™‚

Your task – to approach it and to tell: “I somewhere read that girls who wear fur coats of gray color are very romantic”. And then just you develop this topic of conversation, making the assumptions, asking it whether it agrees with it and so on.

This occasion is good the fact that it can be used in all cases. And when she is dressed as well as everything, you can “be hooked” even for color of her clothes.

Important: be not afraid that you will appear not the rights, and don’t try to tell always only the checked facts. You can invent these words “on the run” – the girl all the same will estimate your erudition and singularity.

Also don’t forget to pay a compliment if she has skillfully picked up colors in the appearance. For certain, she has made it not just like that. πŸ˜‰

Occasion No. 2. To remove from her a feather or a thread

To remove from her a feather or a thread

You take with yourself on walk a feather or a thread and you pretend as if you remove them from the girl.

It is worth approaching in this case behind (it though contradicts rules, but in front and sideways you won’t manage to pretend that you have removed them from her shoulder).

Well, and then, when you will make it, can tell: “Long ago has begun to be engaged in sewing? πŸ™‚ To you not really there is this thread on your shoulder”.

Or: “I have started going to a circle of dressmaking here. But I didn’t see you there”.

It is desirable to look in this case both at the girl, and that you have removed from her to focus her attention on it (she cannot notice).

The conversation is struck up, and business is farther remains behind your confidence and to ability “to sweet-talk” girls on coffee right after acquaintance. πŸ˜‰

Occasion No. 3. To embrace before communication

To embrace before

It is not “occasion”, and it is rather, the reception helping you to begin communication with the girl.

Yes, right at the beginning it will be difficult to you to decide on it. However then, when you will embrace her for a shoulder, it will be much simpler to tell “Hi”. It well works because you accurately show the intentions, confidence and easy impudence. Failure of a template in pure form. πŸ™‚

Such acquaintances come to an end with success more often.

Occasion No. 4. To ask the help

To ask the help

helping hand with the sky background

For example, in the choice of a gift for the sister. Tell that she as the true lady, is capable to help you to choose that gift which precisely will be pleasant to your sister.

This occasion has minus – you will have to buy this gift really. And, as a rule, this occasion too expensive – she though will also help you, but you can not receive phone.

But it doesn’t cancel that he can be used. πŸ™‚

The occasion approaches in case of slowly walking girl. If you see that she rushes with a serious look somewhere, then you shouldn’t ask her about the help.

Occasion No. 5. Where is “library”?

Where is library

To learn where there is this or that institution / shop – an occasion banal.

However if you “admit” then that you have made it specially – for the sake of acquaintance, then it is already much better. The word “admit” I intentionally has quoted that you have understood that it needs to be done with a smile and the main thing – is very sure, without justifications.

The occasion works not always, but if you very much are afraid to approach girls on the street, then as the way to stick communication – quite will approach.

At last, if you don’t know how to start communication with the beauty, approach her on distance 1-1,5 meters and watch long time at her, without pronouncing words (the main thing – to do it surely, examining from head to foot). After a while she won’t bear and will start talking. But the main thing – remember what occasions to strike up a conversation is just “crutches” which only temporarily help you. There will come the moment when you have to refuse and begin to get acquainted normally openly from them.

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Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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