5 qualities of the popular man.

5 qualities of the popular man

5 qualities of the popular man.

We have made the rating of qualities which will make you attractive in the opinion of most of girls.  How to develop in themselves these important skills. Read and be pumped over!

The eternal question “what is wanted by women?” after several unsuccessful attempts to find the answer, develops into cry from the heart: “yes what still it is necessary to them?”. You also paid attention, both cared, and listened, and there was indulgent to her whims, and a result – next “good bye” and your brain broken in a sieve by her claims and discontent.

I will open for you a secret – women don’t know what they want. More precisely that, really, is necessary for them in the relations. And what qualities of the man will help it to fall in love and estimate the elect really. Qualities which do the man desired and attractive to any woman, only five, but, unfortunately, very few people from guys have them. It was bad news. And now good – at desire you can easily develop in yourself these qualities.

So, 5 superqualities for enslavement of female hearts:



This most important quality of the successful man. Simple words, it doesn’t have to be boring for you with itself. At the household level – you always is, than to be engaged, you don’t toil if nearby your girl is absent. On global – your life won’t come to an end and the sky won’t plummet to earth if you leave the girlfriend. If you aren’t self-sufficient, will constantly beg for her attention, and it will quickly and reliably lead to a distortion of balance of the importance. Of course, if you are a masochist or you want that the girl has somewhat quicker dumped – ache more often that without her to you is boring, empty, and the world has grown dim. But, if the purpose – to construct the harmonious relations, as if it paradoxically didn’t sound, learn to be one.

How to upgrade:  Become yourself the best friend. It is important that to you it was comfortable alone, and you knew, than to be engaged. Begin with trifles – surround yourself with interesting occupations, begin some project. And gradually from these support in the form of a hobby, sport, interesting work, friends you will create a framework which will make you steady before problems in private life. And even if you will leave the girl – it means that your history, but not your life has come to an end. Women feel it and latently are afraid to lose such man.

Ability to cause emotions


For the average man whom since the childhood the feelings accustomed to hide is the true superability. Management of emotions – very thin piece. But, if you learn it, will be out of competition. When the girl lives with you strong feelings, it does your relations bright and very valuable because the emotional party of communication is extremely important for the woman. And the girl will aspire to you to receive the dose of the drive. Here still the principle “not you, so you” works. If with emotions in couple not you fill, it will be done by the girl, manipulating you and changing your mood on the volition. If you don’t want to live depending on her emotional splashes, take management of feelings in hand.

How to upgrade: Ability to cause emotion is upon ability to transfer the emotions to another. You have to learn to broadcast the mood to the girl. And to transfer the spirit, it is necessary to be able to express it. A problem will be that the most part of men consider that emotions are for girls and somehow not as a real man. But we don’t speak about tears, though negative emotions sometimes to the place. Skill to cause joy, a feeling of happiness, wellbeing, tranquility by transfer of the emotions in the relations it is necessary. For a start try to get rid of an eternal facepalm and not to hesitate to be emotional. Only through ability to express emotions it is possible to learn to cause these emotions in other person.

To be interesting

To be interesting

So historically at us it has developed that an overwhelming part of men are boring. They can have an interesting life, but is tasty tell about it very few people can. Though, as a rule, before the woman full set – and the dude sad opens and to tell him there is nothing. And the rich life or at least your ability to present her such, causes desire of girls to keep you the company and to join your world.

How to upgrade: The first that should learn – to build life so that the girl wanted to become a part of your life. And, don’t seek to do in time that will be interesting to girls. Do what is pleasant to you. Though cross stitch. If you derive from it pleasure and to burn, girls will catch your drive (by the way, one more life hack for points 1 and 2) and to reach for you.



You know what you want from the relations and can explain it. And in an arsenal of your arguments main not “I have so told”, and real arguments why you want these or those changes why it is important and productive for both of you. Not because so has to be but because it is important for any of several reasons. It will give to the woman feeling that you aren’t afraid to take responsibility both at the same time seriously and treat her point of view with respect.

How to upgrade: That from you confidence proceeded, you have to operate the life and the nobility what you want. Here, first of all, it is necessary to understand the plans for life. Then you will precisely understand that it is necessary for you in the relations as to develop them and what to inform the girl. But here the main thing not to go too far. The understanding of a course is not dictatorship. Learn to discuss problems and to hear the point of view of another. Then the relations with the woman will become more confidential and strong.

You understand women

You understand women

And it is not a skill of level the God, and quite achievable skill. It is clear, that if you more or less are guided in female psychology to foresee behavior of the girl and it will be quite simple to send it to the course necessary to you. And its pouted or suddenly suppressed mood won’t blow up to you a brain. Besides, the understanding of female psychology will secure you against women’s manipulations which you will begin to see on approach.

How to upgrade: It is possible to understand women, only communicating with them. No matter, you have a girlfriend or not, maintain the friendly relations with other girls, flirt, communicate. First, gradually you will begin to distinguish certain models of female behavior and will learn to foresee reaction. Women will become for you more predictable, so and operated. And, secondly, existence in your sex of other girls will make you more attractive to your darling. When you are pleasant to many women, your girl won’t miss for anything such popular guy.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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