8 laws of male sexuality, before which girls can not resist

8 laws of male sexuality

8 laws of male sexuality, before which girls can not resist

Many men in our time are shy and clamped, do not know how to properly use their appearance and body. Despite this, everyone wants to like girls.

Sexuality consists of three factors: biological, mental and sociocultural. They include rules of style, well-groomed appearance, charm and standards of etiquette. All this together with confidence and sincerity help men to win women’s hearts. In our article you will learn about simple methods of development of sexuality.

TIP 1 Do not think badly of yourself

If a guy thinks of himself badly, he is initially doomed to failure.

Confident people attract others to themselves. An objective assessment of yourself and common selfishness are the main characteristics of a sexual man. To do this, one should exclude negative thoughts and get rid of the following habits:

  1. Stop listening to others who are constantly criticized. Dissatisfied people radiate negative energy. Try to reduce communication with them and start to enjoy the little things.
  2. It is necessary to learn to trust your intuition, listen to the inner voice and stop worrying about doubts.
  3. Show your own initiative. The first step is always expected from the guy. Try to get acquainted with the girl, take a phone number, make an appointment.
  4. Understand that there is no limit to perfection. We all strive for an ideal and therefore often lose ourselves. It is sensible to assess your own strength and to make sense of your goals.
  5. Do not compare yourself with others. Comparing, we focus on our shortcomings and other people’s successes and reduce self-esteem.

Do not think badly of yourself

TIP 2 Improve if someone envies

Self-perfection is an indispensable quality for a confident and sexy man. We must learn to rejoice in others’ victories and correctly accept our defeats. This is an indicator of an intelligent and educated person. To get rid of envy, you need:

  • Understand what caused it. Often envy arises from the fact that we do not appreciate what we have.
  • Let the envy become a motivator. Try to be better, take an example.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. So you recognize yourself as weak and powerless, gradually become an egoist, and then a malicious envious person.
  • Increase self-esteem. First of all, in my own eyes. So you will believe in yourself, in your attractiveness and uniqueness.

TIP 3 What should humor be like?

A person who knows how to joke, instantly becomes the soul of the company. A man does not have to arrange jokes and tell anecdotes at every convenient moment, but he should not not seem like a bore. Laughter gives us a sense of calm and acts as a kind of communicative channel.

In order to develop a sense of humor:

  1. Start reading to read smart books. It is proved that the higher the level of intelligence in a person, the better he jokes.
  2. Watch comedies and humorous programs.
  3. Learn the self-irony. Analyze your habits, attachments, and start joking with them.
  4. Develop erudition, oratorical and acting skills, vocabulary. And do not be afraid to practice.
  5. Exciting words a girl can also talk unobtrusively and with a note of humor.

TIP 4 Learn to present yourself correctly

To do this, you need to be able to find a common language with people, have a good sense of humor, maintain a topic for conversation.

Most often, the fear of being rejected by another person leads us to the inability to present ourselves. We must learn to overcome this.

Next is to properly adjust yourself – a positive mood always tempts people to smile at you in return. Conversation with the interlocutor should be on an equal footing. Speak liberally, but not intrusively.

Always be yourself. Falsehood in communication is very noticeable.

It is the ability to properly present themselves proving to the girl that a man can find a common language with her circle of communication, will be for her support and support.

TIP 5 Stylish Look

We live in an age when appearance plays an important role in human assessment. But a man does not need to follow her blindly. It is necessary to find exactly what suits you and remember about cleanliness and neatness.

The appearance of a man must correspond to his inner world, character, status, age.

For this, it is worth remembering several rules:

  1. First of all, girls pay attention to shoes. A good pair of shoes will last you for years and will exalt in the female eyes.
  2. Even the most expensive costume will not make you handsome, if the buttons on it barely converge. Choose what suits you in size and style.
  3. Learn to hide flaws and emphasize dignity through clothing.

Stylish Look

TIP 6 Physical state

At a subconscious level, a girl estimates a man as the future father of his children.

Watch your physical condition – this is an important part of male sexuality.

This includes the indicators of the constitution of health and the development of physical qualities. Stop hunching and stooping – it immediately falls into your eyes. Begin to perform the simplest sports exercises.

Physical state

TIP 7 The look of a man – how he should be

Look at the person in the eye or on the bridge of the nose. The view must be open and direct, as it emphasizes will and perseverance.

A narrowed look emphasizes distrust and inquisitiveness.

And running eyes completely cross out male sexuality, giving out a timid, lying person.

TIP 8 Learn to behave liberally

Girls love men’s perseverance and unexpected steps from them. For example, a kiss or a hug. You should stop being embarrassed and shy in different new situations. This will give an opportunity to feel yourself externally and internally free. To become less shy you need:

  1. Try to understand that you do not love in yourself. What provokes you so much to hide this trait from other people? Try to take this for yourself, and then disclose it to other people.
  2. Make fun of your shyness and gentleness. Take it easier, as a springboard for future accomplishments.
  3. Observe confident people. Understand the secret of their success.

Learn to behave liberally


Male sexuality is achieved through overcoming not only external, but also internal barriers. Girls pay attention to confidence, emancipation, a sense of humor, appearance and even look. A little work on yourself – and you will radiate sexuality.

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