Are you have already met the girl of the dream?

Are you have already met the girl of the dream

Are you have already met the girl of the dream?

The pickup with guarantee will add your life with a great number of beautiful girls whom you are really worthy! You want to learn success secret from girls?

Dear friend, if you sometime dreamed of a bigger circle of contacts, that your private life can bring more joy and pleasures and to be such filled … Or if you were tired of the fact that sometimes it is very difficult to put the relations with the girl in motion; from what sometimes happens so not easy it to be pleasant to that whom you admire (and the more she is pleasant to you, the it is more difficult to receive reciprocity), from calls without answer or eternal “I don’t know yet”, “I haven’t solved yet”, from lack of appointments to those girls with whom you won’t be sorry about the spent time … If these thoughts sometimes come to your mind, then you have found those people who can impart to you the most valuable knowledge!

We more than are sure that our practical understanding of women works in all these cases quickly and effectively: we deal only with issues of acquaintances, communication, the relations, effective private life since 2002, having during this time trained more than 10 000 men.

You want to ask, what is the secret?

You want to ask, what is the secret

Since the childhood when something was impossible to us with girls, spoke to us all the time: “Just be oneself, and at you everything will turn out”. This thought has so deeply sat down at the head that we unconsciously wait for what that, emergence in life of some girl which will be not such as everything, or some event … But your results in private life, those which you have now are caused by the fact that you were oneself! Having been oneself — you will receive from girls what you receive now. And it not always what is necessary. What to us was told since the childhood by our mothers or girlfriends isn’t true. However, they didn’t know the truth, it isn’t necessary to reproach them.

All the matter is that … 95% of women love 2% of men. They just agree to the others.

Possibly it slightly inconveniently, but just think of this phrase. Only 2% of men are pleasant to most of women … Girls are excited at the sight of these men, make advances, try to them it will be pleasant, discuss with odruzhka and don’t sleep in the nights, dream, speak about him: “he such sexual” … It is unfair in relation to other 98% of men!

Yes, it is unfair. Since the childhood said to us that it is necessary just to be itself and happiness in private life — it will come. And often it comes, but not with those women … Or quickly comes to an end when life of our woman is crossed with these “gold” two percent of men.

Yes, it is unfair. First of all, in relation to those men who spend a lot of money and energy, trying to be pleasant to the girl! They give gifts and look after, they worry and care. They don’t know that the woman, otory spends time with them, secretly dreams of other man! That she just agrees to spend time with it. Until … It is a certain compromise with by itself, from her party. Therefore to tempt cool girls so difficult if you “the ordinary guy”. Ordinary guys receive usual results! Unfairly, but the female psychology is so arranged! Now I have furnished to you the clue to understanding of women. Now I have told you the reason of treason in marriages which last for years … The girl won’t be able to refuse if she meets the man from “gold” two percent! She can deceive herself, but somewhere deeply inside … She won’t be left by this delightful feeling.

Men think what has put in money, cars, clothes, beauty, muscles and other external attributes, often they think that “their case — absolutely other, their problem — in another”. Actually, a problem one — girls don’t feel that they are those “gold” two percent. Possibly in your circle of contacts there are such guys — they just enjoy that “two percent” have by nature got to these! And you don’t understand why at them everything turns out and they are always happy with themselves.

For us, guys who weren’t born such “heteros” to be in this “gold” category is the choice. Which you do every second — simply to be oneself, work “as it will turn out”. Or to go forward. To understand what is the woman. To understand what is the pickup. To become that man. And after that — from the mass of girls, already absolutely by other criteria to choose “that, not such as all”.

You need to make a choice and to throw down a challenge to itself, having overcome natural desire “to remain itself”, to live in comfort. Make it now!

And then you will be able to tell about yourself:

  • — “Every time when I come into some boutique, girls begin to make advances to me”;
  • — “When I visit club, several beauties try to pinch me for a bum and to begin with me a conversation”;
  • — “Every time when I go out with the friends, they are surprised why girls look at me with such value”;
  • — “Every time when I hang out with friends, I have spontaneous acquaintances and my friends think that all these girls are my acquaintances because they communicate with pleasure and on the initiative”;
  • — “When I meet on an appointment to the new girlfriend, she makes to me a gift”;
  • — “Girls constantly “forget” the underwear or some things at my place”;
  • — “Every time when I leave to the public place, I derive pleasure that women look at me with desire, and the man envy”!

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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