But I really want her!

But I really want her

But I really want her!

If you dream of her day and night, again and again lose in the head different stories how you approach her and gain her — it is called despair.

No, it is absolutely wrong approach. If you are more about anybody, except her don’t think if you dream of her day and night, again and again lose in the head different stories how you approach her and gain her — it is called despair. And you won’t hide it. She will notice it (at the conscious or subconscious level) — and nothing so disgustingly to girls as the guy in despair. For this reason you have to choose to yourself at any moment is slightly more whole and if from one of them something goes not so, then and horse-radish with her — is a great number of girls who want you 😉

But really positive moment is in the following — those girls that don’t pay attention to you, at once see that to you on it no matter and that you don’t show habitual signs of despair, cardiac pain, you don’t ask tips, etc. It is simple to you to shit, you have no time for that that in this occasion to worry, too there are a lot of affairs at you with other girls. Also you know that? 😉 It also does you suddenly attractive in the opinion of the girl of 😉 Mystery: “Notice that the man at whom it turns out to remove girls continues to remove even more girls, and the dude who has nothing, gets nothing”.

Standard question which is asked: “I very much strongly like one girl, she such remarkable that I can make to be pleasant?” Standard answer to such question: “Have sex with, at least, 10 other girls, and then think — whether all still you want this girl and such she special?;)”

Mr Happy: “Never go in cycles in one woman, it averts her from you even more. In order that with her to oversleep, she has to think that you like to have sex with women that you would like to have sex with her and that she isn’t necessary to you because around you and so the great number of other women curls”.

A good way to get a similar view on the world

[A good way to get a similar view on the world] — to hang out and try to remove 12 women a day, 4 days a week. That is, 48 women a week. As a result of such practice your skills considerably will improve. You have to be ready to chuck in at any time one woman and to go to remove another. If you don’t try, you will never achieve success. If you don’t use any efforts, then you are a weakling, and evolution will wipe out you by natural selection. If you use the efforts then you will become better and will achieve excellent results”.

Allen Thompson, mailing Don Juan:

“If you go crazy on one specific girl, keep thinking whether you are pleasant to her or not — know that that you have signed to yourself the death sentence! If you worry whether you are pleasant to the girl or not, then, most likely, that it aren’t pleasant — or it will, more definitely, not be pleasant. Just because your concern and obsession the fact that she thinks of you as a result and will push away her from you. If you dare to fall in an obsession trap, then you begin to analyze everything that the girl of your dream does, speaks, each her gesture, and try to project all this on yourself. She has smiled to you — or hasn’t smiled. She has written you the e-mail — or hasn’t written. She has answered your call — or not. Confusion, frustration, alarm — and anything else”.

And it concerns not only you. If she learns that you are obsessed with her, she will also understand that you will analyze each her movement and to correlate it to itself. What will inevitably force it to feel awkwardly. She won’t be able naturally to behave, won’t be able to relax and feel relaxedly if you are with her or at least near her. Knowing that you will gain her, she will feel alarm, discomfort and there can be even a fear at those moments when you are nearby. And she will always want to leave as it is possible further from a source of the alarm — from you.

But there is very small and illusive probability that she also goes crazy on you, so? Well, that is, people sometimes meet with people who from the very beginning went crazy on them, and live all life to a grave, huh? Well, in fairy tales. However in reality if you want the girl, then you need to do something to M something from what is offered in our reference book is desirable, of course — and to do it quickly. But if you dare to go crazy on someone and you are doomed to give vent to the obsession — that. And for such cases there is classical council from ASF recommending “to spend time alone with ten other girls before you return back to this one and only”. As soon as you realize this council, you will eliminate the obsessiya, will feel more weakened and unchained (and as moods are transferred from the person to the person — that will feel so and it), she will feel more comfortably during your rapprochement and as you were already filled with quiet self-confidence (“the devil and even if will send away me, I have just overslept with ten cow calves and I can put to bed anyone therefore why not to try and it — for entertainment”), you will be able to process it more effectively, etc.”.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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