First time … with a girl. Tips for the guys

First time ... with a girl. Tips for the guys

First time … with a girl. Tips for the guys

Everything once in a life happens for the first time, and not always it happens successfully, as it would be desirable. For the correct behavior with the girl on the first date, the first joint hike somewhere, so as not to scare her away, it is only necessary to take into account a few useful tips that will always help in life and help.

The first date


The most important thing that you should not do on the first date is to be squeezed and closed. It is necessary to approach everything easier, so you should relax, sit down freely. Of course, the girl will be pleased to see the excitement, but the owner of this excitement must be a confident and motivated man. Therefore, you can even fall apart a little in the chair, and throw your hands behind your head, in general, as usual, and the representatives of the stronger sex like to sit.

First kiss

the first kiss

The first kiss with the girl should be slightly timid, wet and slow. And do not forget about the hands, do not have to stand like a robot. Ladies will be very pleasant touch on the face or neck. You can put your hands in your hair or put it on your waist. This will help both to feel all the tenderness, affection and growing excitement. But in any case, do not just start to molest the girl, touch her breasts, buttocks or lower her hands in the bikini area, she may not correctly understand, and then the meeting will be the last.

For the first time a guy at home

For the first time a guy at home

Inviting the girl to her home to make a good impression on her, you should clean up. And since smells strongly affect the part of the brain, it does not hurt to buy flowers in the apartment. The main thing is to give the girl time to settle in a new place. You can leave her alone in the living room and allow time to look around. And most go to the kitchen and not in a hurry to make tea or pour a little wine. On return, you just need to pay attention to what the girl became interested in and then the conversation will be tied by itself and there will be no awkward silence.

The first joint trip to the store

 first joint trip to the store

As a rule, when a man goes to the store, he goes for something specific, which can not be said about women. Representatives of the weaker sex can spend hours walking around shopping, looking at different things, souvenirs, etc. Gathered together to go shopping, you should make a list of all the necessary things in advance. You can drink coffee somewhere together or take a look at something that will interest both.

The first time she is with you in a bad mood

The first time she is with you in a bad mood

women resent men for what they themselves can not guess, what is the
reason for the bad mood of their girlfriends. It starts to upset girls very much. Do not ask: ” What happened? “, Because she can only get angry even more.

And the only way out of this situation is to leave. For example, you can go to the store for a beer, and a girl to buy some sweets. As you know, sweet in some improves mood. Returning, you can again try to talk to her.

But if the girl herself started the conversation and wants to share, then there is only one thing – listen. It is necessary to try to support her with words, to embrace gently, to calm. After all, like any upset in something a person needs only to pronounce.

Adhering to such simple advice, you will avoid many problems in dealing with the opposite sex, and the girls will only be delighted with their boyfriend. Good luck.

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