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In this article, most guys probably would like to read tips on how to have sex for the first time so that no girl (and even more a girl with experience) could not suspect that this is your first time. Of course, I will write such advice, but for the most part everything will depend on you!


Pikaper. What it mean?

Pikaper. What it mean? Hello, dear friend. Who such pikaper? Whether it is good to be the pikaper? Sometimes the pickup is called by a pikaping. Read article and learn everything about pikaper! The...


Official F.A.Q.

Official F.A.Q. Hello, dear friend. If about five years ago about pikaper was heard very little, the fact that with the girl it is possible easily also easily caused to get acquainted on the...


For the first time?

For the first time? Hello, dear friend. Still you think that the pickup is such big car? Read ours basic articles about acquaintance and a seducing of women, you will open for yourself a...