How to be adjusted on a female wave, or we read her mind.

How to be adjusted on a female wave, or we read her mind

How to be adjusted on a female wave, or we read her mind

How you consider, really to learn to read the woman’s mind? In spite of the fact that it seems a fantasy, to seize this skill quite perhaps. In this article you will get advice which will help you to develop ability to read female mind.

Probably, there is no the man who wouldn’t like to learn to read mind of women.

Present that now you have seized this skill. Each woman for you – as the transparent sheet of paper: you know that she will tell you how she will react to your phrase (and that, actually, her reaction will mean) and as will behave further.

It in literal sense gives you the full power over her and the main thing – gives you UNDERSTANDING. And if you have knowledge, then you are strong.

Of course, you won’t be able to learn to read mind of women as it was done by the main character of the movie “What Is Wanted by Women”. After all it is a fantasy. πŸ™‚ And here to approach it and to begin to see them through, foreseeing actions – itself it is quite real.

However, for this purpose it is necessary that is called “to be adjusted on a female wave”. And it will cost to you the constant application of intellectual efforts and the analysis.

However, about everything one after another.

Place yourself in women’s society

Place yourself in women's society

Or work for men who study on technical specialties purely in men’s collective, often there is a feeling as if girls talk in some alien language.

For certain, and you think also now.

However actually, women – the same people of Earth, as well as we.

You will be able to understand it if you place yourself in women’s society.

Start going to yoga, dances or to any other place where women it is strong more, than men.

Watching behavior of girls not according to movies, and alive, you will have concrete proofs the pickup theory.

By the way, about the theory …

Glance in the heads!

Glance in the heads

It is important not just to watch girls, but also to look for confirmations of the read theory in practice.

The matter is that if you will just place yourself in women’s society and will begin to watch each certain girl, there is a risk to draw incorrect conclusions.

Here you will also be helped by our articles.

Try to look in the head of each certain girl, to remember the studied theory and to look at her thoughts, words and behavior from the point of view of the pickup theory.

Figuratively speaking in the word “A” you have to see not the word “A”, but a thought of “B”. As women often tell one, and think absolutely another. And when you will be armed with necessary knowledge, will see real sense of what they tell or do.

Only such constant comparison of female behavior and the studied articles will yield result.

And the main thing – don’t hurry with conclusions. It is better to observe and build long the correct conclusions, than to quickly draw conclusions and “to increase” the wrong beliefs.

Learn to see their purposes

Learn to see their purposes

It is, perhaps, most difficult “skill”.

As only the true temper can see the true purpose of the woman. πŸ™‚

Here you won’t be limited the simple pickup theory. As it is necessary to look at all actions of the girl also from the point of view of “usual” human psychology.

For example, if the girl is 25 years old and above, then, as they say, it is as clear as day that her main goal – search of the groom, but not just sexual partner. However, at this age in her head two personalities are at war: one is eager for romanticism and the true emotions, and another – “practical”, is constantly aimed at search of future father of her children.

Then, by the way, it is possible to observe an interesting picture: already married woman begins to draw special attention to “bad guys”. The reason is clear here: she has solved the paramount problem, has found the careful husband, but her instincts continue to work fully. However, this observation not 100%, also extends not to all girls. As usual …

If the girl is from 17 to 20 years old, then she only begins to learn this world and the relations with the man. At such age she is eager for emotions, fun and the real call. So, a talk on meaning of life, on her hobbies or the vital purposes shouldn’t be present at your communication in general.

Now you have understood why such talk almost always led to a failure?

Of course, it is only examples.

But situations happen different! And the purposes of the girl don’t depend only on her age.

Whereas to learn to see the real purposes of the girl?

It is necessary just to look not at what she tells. And even not on what she does.

It is necessary to look at where she comes finally. To be exact, to her what man finally “the destiny brings”. For example, if you heard from her any not most pleasant words criticizing your “bad” behavior saw real readiness to leave you, but finally, she is still with you, then it is a strong indication of correctness of your behavior.

In this case you just draw a conclusion that check you on confidence and moral force was her main goal. And not that she wanted “in words”.

In general, only the wide practical experience (positive or negative – it is unimportant) will give you the real vision of what moves women at the choice of partners. And as you have to act to achieve the desirable.

It is also called ability “to read female mind”. You want to find this ability? Then actively gather experience, despite the lack of result. And soon you will be surprised to the fact that you began to see really women through, and everything began to occur as if by itself.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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