How to become sure, courageous and positive.

How to become sure, courageous and positive

How to become sure, courageous and positive.

If to wonder any guy whether surely he conducts at acquaintance, then it is always possible to receive affirmative answer. But actually, it far not so. Many of them don’t even understand, also states are how clamped in the plan of emotions.

And business here not that they aren’t sure. Often the person doesn’t notice that he is created with his state (just because he strongly has got used to him). It is possible to call conditional it “blindness” to the true reasons of failures. The guy can try, approach girls, but they for some reason all the same send away him.

How to reach really sure state and to cease to be refused at acquaintance?

For this purpose it is necessary to try!

There are several important rules, each of which you have to adhere and take him seriously.

It is a lot of approaches – it is important!

It is a lot of approaches – it is important

With an ulterior motive beginners many attempts to get acquainted with the girl force to do. Only this way it is possible to overcome all internal restrictions.

However, many pikaper don’t want to consider themselves beginners. And therefore don’t carry out simple exercises which are really important.

To admit, I also have got once to this trap. Unwillingness to carry out the elementary exercises under the pretext of the fact that “I – not the beginner”, has led to the fact that I marked time. It was simpler to me to consider that I any more not the beginner. And let I was often sent away on the street. But I thought that I already am at some level! πŸ™‚

However the real break has happened then when I began to do, at last, simple exercises and step by step studied the internal state.

I hope, you won’t make this mistake and at once will follow a way true.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you always have to do many approaches “to disperse” the state. Similar exercises on overcoming the fear are important only right at the beginning. But then it is necessary to learn to get acquainted in a basic emotional state.

Learn to refuse and refuse the girls

Learn to refuse and refuse the girls

Learn to speak to girls “no”. Instead of agreeing to her conditions of a meeting – refuse to it.

And business here not in your principles and not that you have to prove to be “male”.

We will tell inability “no” directly to influence your internal state, your confidence and a freedom. Your behavior with an opposite sex will be clamped. You will be afraid to do that you want in general. At last, you just never learn what it – “to drive” the relations. πŸ™‚

Learn to refuse to girls. Also don’t say that you sure and courageous until you learn to do it.

Also you will teach not just to refuse, but also to refuse them. When her behavior doesn’t suit you – it is necessary to be able to refuse her.

The most valuable exercise which I can advise you is to take 3 numbers of girls with which the relations develop best of all and to tell them that you leave.

It will be sick and heavy. You will be angry with me for the fact that I have offered it to you. πŸ™‚ But it is necessary – without ability to refuse the girl you will always be dependent on an opposite sex. Women will feel your weakness and will always manipulate you. When around you hundreds beautiful and clever go, you will meet that which actually doesn’t respect you.

You feel that it is terrible to you to do it? Here now we also learn as far as you are strong. πŸ™‚

Learn to listen thinly to the desires

Learn to listen thinly to the desires

Every minute you have desires. And it is important to be able to satisfy them.

For example, when you on the street see the beautiful girl, want to approach her, but don’t approach, you in the head have a so-called “mental clip”. Each unrealized desire leaves a mark on your state and on how you communicate with girls.

Why beauties “are conducted” on guys who have many girls?

Business here not only in their hormonal background, but also that they realize the desires. They are free and derive pleasure from life.

On the other hand, when you have seen on the street of 10 beautiful girls and haven’t approached one of them, in attempt to get acquainted with 11y you, most likely, will send away. She will see a habit to lose and not to realize the desires in your reaction (now you know why it occurs? ;)).

If we deviate from a subject of an opposite sex and we will try to follow examples from life, then we will see the same. If the whole your day consists from this, what are you doing the fact that you don’t want at all, then your internal spirit worsens over and over again. Any unrealized desires (even if very small) – a barrier to good results with girls.

And, to be able to listen to the desires it is necessary even then when it goes to a section with desires of the girl. If you don’t do something only because she can take offense, then it is bad. At such approach, soon in your relations the trouble will begin.

Example: the girl can begin to shout at you or to accuse of something. You understand that she isn’t right, but instead of rising and leaving (having stopped with her communication), you continue to listen to all this. Because you are afraid that she will take offense. It is simpler to you to listen to all this and “to keep” with her the relations. But actually, she for your leaving would begin to respect you as the man, and the relations became a little better.

And in general, the more girls at you was, the you want to spend less the time for those who don’t suit you.

In these trifles guys see only trifles. And 90% which have read it will think “And here it? Everything is solved by confidential technicians of a seducing and the correct phrases”. πŸ™‚ However the essence is behind these trifles.

Indulge yourself. Do that you want, and derive pleasure from life. Play sports, practice an extreme, etc. As if strangely it sounded, but if you aren’t going to become the professional temper, such approach will bring you more girls, than the constant and unsuccessful efforts made for their seducing.

Don’t confuse the sequence!

Don't confuse the sequence

At first you expand the emotional limits, overcome all fears and beliefs limiting you. And only then you begin to listen to the desires.

If you mix the sequence and will begin to follow the desires at once, then at you nothing will turn out. First, girls will see that you are afraid to do it. Secondly, believe the skilled temper: at the moment you don’t know what your real desires. All thoughts which come to your mind are distorted at the expense of fears and the limiting beliefs. And from true internal desires nothing remains.

It is better to pass “school of the beginner”, to overcome the fears and to make a heap of approaches with the shivering knees, than to leave home “I don’t want to get acquainted with a thought, and I want to watch cinema”. Now it will be more useful to you!

It is also the answer to a question how to become sure, courageous and positive. Other way to a condition of confidence and freedom doesn’t exist. You are ready to pass this way? πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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