How to interest the girl?

How to interest the girl

How to interest the girl?

If you managed to get acquainted with the girl or to somehow adjust with her communication, then it still far doesn’t mean that she already dreams to jump to you in a bed. That she has wanted it, it is necessary to do a number of certain actions.

let’s begin with the fact that not always to interest the girl, it is necessary to try to be pleasant to her. Your task — to make so that she thought of you, and for this purpose you have to be allocated on the general background. Let me offer you several ways as to make it.

Way first: to hold a good appointment to the girl. The old, ancient, checked way. If you consider that before inviting to an appointment, the girl needs to be interested, then know: it is nonsense. Courage is an important quality of the man. Therefore go and invite her to an appointment.

Way second: it is based on the fact that all women are extremely curious. Here to you couple of methods of realization.

  • Choose some interesting action and invite her to it. If she refuses — not strongly insist, but then SMS in style have come her: the excellent action has appeared, didn’t even expect that it so abruptly will be, it is a pity that you weren’t. Monitor reaction. If has made all well, then she will agree to the following invitation.
  • Tell interesting stories about the work or hobbies, but leave from the direct answer to questions, what are you doing. General logic: you have told her something interesting, she had had questions. If you don’t answer these questions, then this question will remain at her in the head and she will continue to think of you. It is good.

Way third: find her weak point and use it. This way especially well affects the popular girls who have got used to be the focus of attention. Your task to catch that behavior of men to which she has got used and to begin to act on the contrary. Unfortunately, more precisely to describe this way it won’t turn out. I will write you couple of examples that you could experience this way:

  • it is given: the girl has got used to male attention, she likes to send away the men driving to her, at the same time she practically always appears with the girlfriend who is slightly worse. Against the background of this girlfriend the girl looks obviously in a prize. That we do: we begin to look after the girlfriend, to do her compliments, even to treat the girlfriend, ignoring at the same time the girl until she doesn’t prove. When she proves, extremely frostily we react: “And, Masha, you too here, listen, somehow it has badly turned out, give I for you too I will flirt”.
  • It is given: the girl extremely highly appreciates herself, considers herself very beautiful, clever and not having shortcomings. She likes to give at first hope to guys, and then to send away them. She constantly provokes children to that those invited her to an appointment, and then merges. Smokes. That we do: we refuse her hints on an appointment. Directly we speak: “Mary, you smoke, and I don’t communicate with the smoking girls. I consider it an awful shortcoming and never I will communicate with such girl”.

Problem of any action directed on “to interest the girl” — to beat out her from the indifferent attitude towards you. Better let she is angry and thinks of you, than doesn’t experience to you any emotions at all.

By the way, about her rage …

Be uncontrollable!

Be uncontrollable

You understand, the female nature such is that at first it can fall in love with the “bad” guy, and will try to make then of him good.

This phenomenon has received the name of “a nesting instinct” when the female tries “to cultivate” the male that the male remained live and could provide wellbeing of a family.

However, we won’t go deep into biology.

Keep in mind when you try to meet expectations of the girl, your rank potential in her eyes begins to fall.

On the other hand, when you directly refuse to correspond to her ideals, her interest in you only increases. For example, she asks you why you have acted this way, but not differently. And you instead of justifying oneself, either ignore, or answer in style of the “bad” guy.

More than once it has been noticed that at first the girl to be angry from such behavior. Or tries to show that if the guy doesn’t change behavior, then waits for nothing for him. However a bit later itself begins to adapt to the guy, to show to him interest and to give other pleasant bonuses. 🙂

Estimated frame

Estimated frame

As in an example above when you spoke: “Mary, you smoke, and I don’t communicate with the smoking girls“, you have to show always that you estimate girls.

However, if in our example you strongly risked to spoil finally all seducing, then it is better to estimate girls without such risk. 🙂

I.e. if you have found an occasion thanks to which it is possible to give her a bad note, then it is possible to continue communication. It is just necessary to become much more indifferent and to stop the attempts to be pleasant to her.

On the other hand, it is necessary to be able and encourage the girl if she shows the advantages. For example, if she has told you story in which she has shown high quality, then surely praise her, having paid a compliment in style: “… such as you, almost didn’t remain …”.

The more often you will praise her or to show negative assessment, more she will be convinced that that you estimate her.

So, itself it will try to be pleasant to you.

Be advertised through stories!

Be advertised through stories

If you are able to tell interesting stories, then it is good. But if you learn also to be advertized through stories, then it will be even better. 🙂

What do I mean by a publicity move?

These are not stories about what you abrupt, with a pathos look. These are casual mentions of your qualities which you will do in the stories.

The essence of such publicity move is that you will place emphasis on one subject, and will be able to advertize any advantages.

For example, talking to the girl about success and the correct environment, you can mention in a story that you:

  • You are sportsmen
  • You communicate with the developed people
  • People around the first begin with you communication
  • Beautiful girls pay attention to you

And all this in several offers. How it is possible? 🙂

“… And you know, it is necessary to try to surround itself only with those people who really develop. For example, when I went to a trenazherka (publicity move No. 1) yesterday, to me really interesting people approached to communicate. They told about the plans, about how they spend time. And in comparison with ordinary people just huge difference is visible (a publicity move No. 2 at which you place emphasis on a difference of successful and simple people, but actually, you show that people approach you to communicate). By the way, the interesting case was: two girls somehow strange looked at me, were whispered with each other, and then one has approached and has asked whether I acted at cinema. It is strange why they have so thought 🙂 (a publicity move No. 3 when you show that it is interesting to girls). In general, development is, probably,…”.

All this is a continuous publicity move at which you place emphasis on a subject of a successful environment, and itself sew a publicity move of in history. Not bad, truth? 😉

Your task – to think up/remember different stories from life, and to interweave into them a publicity move of. Write ready stories with a publicity move on the sheet of paper, learn them, be trained in their telling to the girlfriends, and then begin to use in communication with all girls.

Unlike banal boasting and pathos, you will be able to interest the girl quicker and more safely. 🙂

Sense of humour

Sense of humour

Girls love a mockery. Even if show that it isn’t pleasant to them. Even if are angry.

Because a mockery – an indicator of high intelligence of the man. As people with weak intelligence simply can’t think out jokes. And if you play a trick on her, then it shows only that:

  • you have a choice among girls as you are inclined to estimate their sense of humour.
  • you aren’t afraid to lose her and risk.
  • in you there is a mix of intelligence and easy sarcasm. Both of these qualities help to achieve success (in understanding of women, certainly).

Be not afraid to be kidding over her. And the main thing – never apologize for the jokes and don’t ask whether she has taken offense at you.

Because she will make the offended look more than once to check as far as you depend on her mood. In this case it is better to pretend that you haven’t noticed her reaction and to continue to behave as well as earlier.

If you were never kidding over girls, then, perhaps, it will be difficult for you to learn to do it at once. But you don’t despair. A mockery – the good tool of how you can interest the girl. It is a little practice, and you will be able to play a trick on beauties quite gracefully. 😉

Social demand

Social demand

When you want to interest already familiar girl, show that your general friends love you and appreciate. Show activity in communication with all, actively tell any stories. It quickly enough will let it know that you are popular among people around and you have a high social rank.

When you want to be pleasant to that beauty whom only you meet, even at acquaintance can interact with surrounding people. To be thrown by couple of phrases with the cashier passing by the woman or someone another as easy as shelling pears.

If such behavior isn’t natural to you, then get used to communicate with people around. At the same time you will work all the social fears. 😉

However, it is not an obligatory element and you can learn to interest girls and without demonstration of a social demand.

Having introduced these simple councils, you will be able to interest any girl, irrespective of her gender and age. As these methods help to influence her instinctive component. And instincts are what any can’t resist to even if very beautiful and developed girl. 😉

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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