The schedule of the party was broken (the first DJ was already late for an hour!) And therefore the event was redrawn on the move, as a result of which the most vulgar contest was put in the beginning. It’s no wonder that after that the people were already much less willing to go on stage! Hint: start with innocent contests, as the crowd will be pumped up with alcohol, they will roll and more vulgar. In general, some vulgarity in contests is not only permissible, but also necessary – after all, as is known from psychology, people best remember what is associated with sex, violence and suchlike things. Since violence at a party is inappropriate (unless it’s a sadomasochistic party, of course), competitions should be moderately vulgar. Even after the party, I came up with the idea: I smile at the guests (almost all of whom I see for the first time), flirting with them, joking, trying to raise their spirits – this is my show! So why do not I do this all the time in my life? It’s just my show! Do you understand what I mean? Do not forget to smile! Saint.

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