How to sleep with a married woman

How to sleep with a married woman


I have been thinking for a very long time whether to write this article or not, looked at everything I found in search engines, agrees with something, something does not exist … Anyway, I present to you my article on a “slippery” topic with specific, albeit ” shaded “examples for clarity. So, how to sleep with a married woman?

To sleep with a married … is it possible?

Honestly, I have no desire to read morality lectures to you, because this is a personal choice of everyone and if you read this article, most likely you have already decided everything for yourself or is close to that. And most likely, you decided that it ‘s worth it, but you do not know where to start and what to do. Most often we, the peasants, are tormented by the question – how will it react?

I’ll try to explain it in a popular way: female psychology is arranged so that when a woman is happy with her man, it’s often hard enough to get attention, but let’s be honest – are there so many happy married women around us, like in advertising fucking yogurt? Not at all! Interestingly, many of them prefer to play such a role in the public, but if you understand anything in physiognomy and psychology, you will not be able to tear off the masks.

Many “gurus” pickups are advised to begin to make something like a psychological portrait of the goal: the satisfaction of the husband, his personality, how to communicate and how sincerely love each other. This approach will give you at least some kind of picture for support, something that can be pushed off with further “development” of the object of desire (on whom you have panties, my friend – I’m talking about her!)

Practice shows that most often women are unhappy with their husbands, life and social status – alas, it is. And the same practice tells me that more often than not, women themselves will gladly talk about their problems to someone they consider to be their friend, or, conversely, to someone completely unrelated to the situation – for example, under the influence of mood or alcohol (often one, and the other). This someone can be like you, and a girl who will be called to help you (alas, this is rarely seen) or whose tongue itches to someone to dishevel.

Married women often lack elementary attention from their husbands – everything is obscured by work and banal bytovuha, even the most loving people start to snatch and fence each other inside their marriage. If you have read this far and are still puzzled about how I got so deep into the darkness of female psychology, here’s the clue: we, the pickups, armed with this simple truth, can … yes, almost everything. Especially if there is an opinion that a woman you are interesting.

If you have been following our website for a long time or practicing it yourself, you are probably interesting to the female sex, but we are interested in a particular person, right?

Sometimes there is an opinion that unmarried (and even more so married) guys are mostly interested in unmarried girls looking for a husband or a sponsor (in the common parlance of Papic). This is absolutely not so !!!

I will tell you more, most married women are interested in men just like we are women – EVEN TOO. But carefully hide it. Although not all.

In fact, married people also look in the same way at pretty guys, strong arms, broad shoulders and man’s ass, are happy to discuss all this with their friends and very much not averse to embark on adventures (especially if the husband pays not so much attention as much as he would like – that is, almost always – and if no one learns about it).

And here there is a key moment. Short truth. Women – the creation of collective thinking. They always decide together who to want, who is handsome, who is promising, interesting, sexy, smart or whatever. Therefore, you need to attract the attention of surrounding women – be visible in the group, joke, be with everyone in good mood, all (and especially girls) help, always be in a good mood.

Having built a reputation for yourself, you will probably notice the female interest – half-hidden from the unmarried part of the company, concealed – from those who have a ring on their finger. And here it’s time to tell a couple of cool stories …

On a rest

Once I went to Turkey with my friend – he is a normal guy, if not closed-minded and was not my assistant, he did not bother me for nothing, especially given that I was responsible for the women’s company and almost every evening at our table sat a few cheerful beautiful girls 🙂Especially often we were drinking at the pool in the evenings 3 girls: two young cute little soppies, all of themselves, and their married but pretty girlfriend.

Needless to say, I, young and unmarried, more drove to her friends, and making friends with them, often used them as social proof , creating a certain reputation in the hotel – by the end of the rest I was not known except that a kilometer from there. Anyway, I mostly ignored the married citizen, flirting with her friends (without whom, as it turned out, her husband would not simply let her go on vacation alone).

As you probably already guessed, the person at first was beside herself with such inattention (with ostentatious observance of propriety on my part), and after a couple of days she unfolded me a secret hunt to prove to herself that “there are still poher in poherovnitsah” and she , although older, it is quite possible to take my horse-radish with butter from young friends. I began to notice more and more often her long glances sideways, until the girls see, the oil in her eyes, attempts to insert something into the general conversation in order to attract attention.

To be honest, at first I somehow was not particularly interested in her – ring on my finger and all that – but the girl was prominent, juicy and clearly set herself the goal to get me, why I resisted more and every time jokingly brought her out of the game, reminding of husband when discussing especially “slippery” topics. She was infuriated and started even more, and considering that all this time she was under the supervision of young chickens, ready to deliver where they should, she had a hard time.

This lasted almost all the two weeks until the day before she left, she did not catch me late at the poolside – I was coming back from another party, and she “accidentally” was sitting alone at the same table, drinking … I do not remember sipping something. She saw me, called. Word by word. You’re cool, to be honest – I like you. Yes, and you are nothing, sorry that married. Yes you are all about married, I’m already so ashamed … let’s go to my room! Do you have condoms?

Seriously, boys, I did not manage to come to my senses, closing my mouth with my hand, not in a childlike way, in the room next to her friends, in all authorized and forbidden. When it was all over, she asked me to squeeze her harder and not go out for a while.

Do I feel guilty for what happened? Yes and no. On the one hand, I could not restrain myself, and you cast a soul out of a married woman (although I usually do not do this), on the other – she obviously wanted this much more than I did, and that was the main secret of success .

So what? She lives married to herself. She gave birth to a child. My husband is kind, presents gifts, kisses his ass, gives everything, just do not touch. Well, she is bored – it takes a man’s attention, lust, not just to fuck, but as to the marriage – until exhaustion and trembling in the knees, in the animal, with desire, and not on duty as a husband. And like everything he does right, tries, only bored wife. And if the woman becomes bored – somewhere it will shoot. Here it is and shot. Think about it, married, including.

At work

Once in the cold winter season … damn, spring was … in short, I worked in one company. And I must say, in the office-open space there were 400 people on two floors, and everyone was in sight. The collective of the young, as it turned out, fucked-crossed all, to whom not laziness. There were many who liked me there, many I did. What was not there!

One day I began to stare at a colleague from the department opposite – tall, slim, with long curly hair – a smart girl! But I did not really like her, which can not be said about her friend – also a pretty pretty girl – I will not describe, now you will understand why. She looked at my views in their direction (for they used to go together more often, “Tamara and I walk in pairs”), looked … and she thinks – and why should not I stir up with him? Cool guy, cute, rzhachny.

Do you know with which opener she approached me? “Tell me honestly – did you booze yesterday?” No, it’s okay, huh? At the same time I was sober as glass, I smelled deliciously of expensive toilet water and I did not drink yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the pose-pose-yesterday, too. No? It’s strange. But the conversation began. A day later I was already sitting with her at dinner, a week later – during lunch break she lay on a bench in front of the office, her head on my lap. A couple of days later I received an unobtrusive offer to get in the toilet. Aha, you heard right! I did not offer anything to anyone.

I already said that she married in a couple of months? You probably guessed it yourself. Apparently, a profitable marriage, but I want love and sex.

And here still there was an event: we went to the client together with the chief and his suede. The taxi was tight in the traffic jam and we were very late, and when we arrived it turned out that we had to book passes in advance. Fortunately, there were already several people from our firm on the site, and the eldest of them undertook to issue a pass for us. Curiously, she wrote him not to my boss or the deputy girl-she remembered that I should have come. And everything would be OK, only now we were never connected with her at work and did not even speak before, unlike my superiors.

As you can guess, she knew what my name was, because she saw me at the office or heard me being discussed by others from the same department (about them above) – in short, she had laid eyes – and blushed very brightly when she was sleeping – I remember, my supervisor was very surprised that the pass was not written in his name. And in the center of this story – again a married girl, beautiful, “there is something to hold fast,” with very “expressive eyes” and languid gentle eyes. I did not develop this story either, but recently looked through the list of Vkontakte subscribers and was surprised to find there a familiar face … and chest. Until now, you know, he remembers, even lazy sometimes (a girl, not a breast). Nicely.

I remembered another married woman “very much not against” – the wife of the supreme commander-in-chief of the firm and concurrently his deputy. Maybe, of course, she was with everyone so … but they came in the mornings at different times and on different machines, communicated very formally, and in conversations with me and some other young employees she seemed to be young and instead of her 45 began to behave on 30 , flirting, accidentally touching hands and chest, drop objects and bend over them in pictures, allow ambiguous reservations – in general, actively “liked” and hinted that it would be nice to get to know each other better. Then my impressions were confirmed by other citizens with whom I had a confidential discussion of this issue.

Finally, I will tell you one more thing:

In social networks

If you think that all of the above applies only in off-line, I’ll surprise you: online is all the same, except that the girls behave more impudently. Let’s just say, without leading now any game at all (I’m married, guys!) I still get 2-3 frank offers to “make friends” in drugs in social networks in a year – both from acquaintances of married (former and not only), and friends only virtually – which is curious, the girls are beautiful, from those who “everything is good.”

A vivid example is the girl who found me in the FB from a friend, who somehow lived across the road from me. Beautiful, long-legged – and because everything is – the guy on Jaguar travels, the resorts fly once a month, the entire profile is filled with photos. And it became boring. I wanted to have fun, wrote, offered everything. I was upset that I did not call to visit.

Such stories I have – a car and a small cart, and I hope you understand – these are only those that I can tell, so as not to burn the office inadvertently!

The main moral here is very simple – if you want to sleep with a married woman, you need to act in the same way as in normal cases, but if you manage to please her and she sets herself the goal of achieving you, you will find herself in her bed faster than you have time to say ” want”.

So you need what? Attract attention to yourself and enjoy. And this … do not write me with condemnation, please – those who want to diversify their personal lives, and without me it will sooner or later.

Yes, by the way – smile!

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