Not to seem “a hungry wolf at Acquaintance”

Not to seem a hungry wolf at Acquaintance

Not to seem “a hungry wolf at Acquaintance”

One of the main reasons because of which girls can send away the guy at acquaintance – his “pikaper” habits of behavior. She should understand only that you intentionally get acquainted, you are waited by fiasco.

How to create feeling of naturalness of acquaintance?

If you long time studied the pickup, then for certain now you created those habits which give your hobby. You can be surprised, but these habits prevent you to get phone numbers of beautiful strangers. Or it is even worse: you, maybe, also take phones, but then are surprised why they refuse appointments.

That to correct it – remember the following councils.

Look – sliding and “sticky”

Look – sliding and sticky

Those guys who specially get acquainted are given by their hungry look. They can stand and just consider all girls.

The hungry needing look – a sign of an inept pikaper and the diffident man. That who has no problems in private life won’t look at each “skirt” as a hungry wolf!

Therefore your look has to be sliding and sticky. Your eyes as if cling to that girl who is pleasant to you. And the head turns further by inertia.

Don’t focus the attention on girls. Behave so as if you try to discover something in surrounding space.

Move in space

Move in space

Legend “I cost the friend here I wait” for a long time doesn’t work. If you stand still, then what you wouldn’t think up a legend, the girl all the same will get to the core that you do here actually.

Personally in my practice of acquaintances the jump has happened only when I have begun to move. 🙂

Ideally: before each exit in people with the purpose to get acquainted, you have to think out to yourself a legend. And to believe in her. For example, you look for a gift. Or has decided to buy a new cover for the phone.

It can be any legend – the main thing that you trusted in it.

Well and in general, each new exit “in the field” has to be in the new place. If to you any shopping center was fallen in love, and you there regularly get acquainted, then very soon you will begin series of failures. As it works – it is definitely not known. Perhaps you are just remembered. Or perhaps you cease to trust in the legends. 🙂

Exception: when you stand still, and really didn’t plan to get acquainted. In this case acquaintance will be the most natural, regardless of that, you stand still or somewhere you go.

Get acquainted directly or on a context

Get acquainted directly or on a context

Original tackles – a sign of a pikaper. 🙂

Therefore it isn’t necessary to subtilize with original phrases for acquaintance and simply it is better to get acquainted directly with the word “Hi”.

Also use contextual approach when you begin a conversation on a situation (her appearance, her behavior, surrounding people, events, etc.). So you will look most naturally, so, will be able easily to get phone numbers.

Don’t go to far in appearance

Don't go to far in appearance

The clothes have to be beautiful, but not bright. Pure and accurate, but not brilliant. 🙂

If your hairstyle differs from hairstyles of other guys, then it has to be your daily state. If you do something with the hair for the sake of acquaintance, then it is already felt by an opposite sex.

Also you shouldn’t undo all top buttons of a shirt and to put on pendents. 🙂 The plaque of a belt has to be stylish, but not excessively big and bright.

All bright things and accessories – obvious pikapersky methods of drawing attention about which you should forget.

Don’t “touch” her at once

Don't touch her at once

Touches have to be the most natural first of all for you.

If you somewhere have read that the girl needs to be touched already at acquaintance, then it is not absolutely right approach.

We also advise to begin early touches. But these councils are intended only for those who are engaged in the pickup at whom for a long time there will be enough for it confidence. If your acquaintances often come to an end with failure, then you need to move towards naturalness.

Of course, if “quickly” touches were for you natural, then this rule wouldn’t extend to you. 😉

Deliberate confidence – a sign of a pikaper

Deliberate confidence – a sign of a pikaper

The beginning pikaper so have got used to meet girls that almost don’t feel fear. And on resistance in style “I have a guy”, almost don’t react.

Moreover, they consider excessive self-confidence and a samtsovost the correct behavior.

And so, if you never so behaved – don’t even begin. 🙂 It is better to behave “exactly” as you have got used, but at the same time it is rather sure, proceeding from a position “I am sure that it will be pleasant to her it what is”.

And in general, try to be honest. If you feel nervousness, then believe: your nervousness is felt also by her. Therefore it is better to speak about it directly: “Something I worry”.

Transfer acquaintance to an appointment

Transfer acquaintance to an appointment

Pikaper-sportsmen seek to take as much as possible numbers for smaller time. Therefore the girl often watches him that he quickly takes phone and goes further.

And then is surprised why she doesn’t take the call, doesn’t answer SMS or doesn’t agree to an appointment. 🙂

To show her serious intentions, transfer acquaintance to an appointment (well, or at least, just offer it).

Suggest to walk, drink coffee, to go with you somewhere, etc.

It will show to the girl that she really is pleasant to you.

Besides, unlike most of guys with whom she had terms of intimacy you will be remembered by her really. And the probability that she will want to go to the next appointment aspires to 100%.

Write SMS

Write SMS

At last, your SMS, later a couple of hours after acquaintance will help to create the maximum feeling of naturalness of this acquaintance.

If usually pikaper call her only next day, then you will make it at once (thereby and you will cause a stir towards “genuineness”).

Of course, in that case there is a chance that you will show needs. But if you don’t write that you miss, then everything will be normal. 🙂 Write to her “You still don’t go out of my mind :)”.

I can declare with confidence that as soon as you introduce all above-mentioned councils, acquaintances will become the easiest. And in general, get used to act freely: if after a year of studying of articles about the pickup you consider that you these councils wrong and are afraid to behave so, then your constraint and a complex on “correctness” – the main reason why you still fail. It is time to try new approach! 😉

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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