Official F.A.Q.

Official F.A.Q.

Hello, dear friend.

If about five years ago about pikaper was heard very little, the fact that with the girl it is possible easily also easily caused to get acquainted on the street at ordinary men approximately the same emotion as the UFO landing fact on Madison square garden, then now any more will frighten nobody of the pickup.

When girls learn that we not just pikaper, and the pickup trainers, they don’t run away, don’t accuse us of all mortal sins, and quietly continue to communicate with us, often even with great interest. However, it should be added that we tell them it not at once, not the first minutes of communication, and a bit later. What has exchanged for these years and what is the pickup today? About it read in official FAQ

About acquaintances.


The pickup anyway begins with acquaintance. Still your appearance, your internal state, your personality is yes, of course, important, but if you have decided to change the life, it is necessary to begin with acquaintances. Both from a circle of your current acquaintances, and with your ability to get new.

Here everything is simple and logical. If you have decided to surround yourself with women, then with them it is necessary to be the acquaintance at least. And here or you have already now a great number of familiar little girls with whom we will begin to build your future life, or they should be found, that is to get acquainted with them. And to begin to change it is necessary not from clothes, not from campaigns to the gym, namely from street acquaintances.

Why? It is very simple. The matter is that the person can put off affairs as much as long. And than this business heavier, unpleasant and at the same time not obligatory for life, especially will be probable this business is put off. And then on the day after tomorrow. And so on. So far business won’t become vital. Or until you approach business consciously.

The matter is that if in a question of development completely to trust unconscious, then life will become a dream … However, the American. The sofa as it will help to spend to you an energy minimum will become the constant habitat. And our unconscious not really loves when we spend energy. In our case men will spend time for gyms, for career, for expensive belongings, but every time to postpone the moment of truth: the moment when it is necessary to approach the unfamiliar girl, to open the mouth and …

Classics of time-management say that the most difficult, unpleasant affairs need to begin to be done the first. Therefore we won’t deceive ourselves here and we won’t wait for the moment “X” eternally. Therefore sport — it is important. Belongings and style — it is important. Career, business, money — too it is very important. But women are important piece in the man’s life too. Therefore about them we won’t forget too.

There is one more amusing moment. To begin to play sports very simply. There is an accurate, and, above all predicted algorithm: you choose the interesting sport, you look for the next hall on the Internet, you learn the lesson schedule and cost — and everything is ready. The same can be told also about style. Here, however, sometimes there are restrictions in the form of the budget, but money needs to be earned. And all the same there is an algorithm. With career it is slightly more difficult, and a bit later I will explain why.

And now we will talk about women, about acquaintances. Why men so are afraid to get acquainted? There are several reasons, but all of them come down to one: it is unknown in advance, this girl will like you or not. No man can foreknow it. And the fear of receiving refusal, fear of public opinion, fear to look silly — everything follows from this.

About appointments.


To have many familiar girls — it is healthy. We everything understand that here “to have” the keyword? Joke. But anyway to tempt girls, it is necessary to hold with them appointments. To communicate, joke, pin up, to pay compliments, to recognize each other, to touch, kiss, excite. Here, as well as with acquaintances, it is important not to shelve business.

First, think up two-three options for holding appointments. Namely: the place where you will go, time, in how many appointment has to begin and how many it has to proceed, actions which on an appointment will happen. If you didn’t hold an appointment long ago and strongly worry, then the plan for an appointment has to be obligatory. We advise you previously to go to that place where you are going to invite the girl, to accustom there. It is even better if you go to this place with some familiar girl.

The first that needs to be able to be done on an appointment, it to communicate. Therefore read couple of articles about how to speak with girls. Also remember: the best interlocutor it not only that which is able to listen but also that which is able get to talking. And for this purpose it is necessary to be able to tell something most, to competently ask questions, to support a conversation by comments.

The second: not any communication conducts to a seducing. Sometimes happens so that you have lovely talked with the girl of hour four, has taken her home, and, it seems, all is good, but you have written down in “girlfriend”. And matter isn’t that you behaved badly. Just the opposite — you behaved too well. We aren’t able to get into others head therefore we only assume that girls have not so many true friends, especially among men. And it is much more important to find him the friend, than darling. Anyway, they very much love “let’s remain friends”. Logically?

The third: in a seducing there is no logic. More precisely, she is another. I will give an example. You have with the girl the first appointment, you have taken her to yourself home, here you already embrace on a sofa, you stick to her … and if you tempt her, then you will become “the self-assured man knowing that specifically he wants and able to try to obtain it”. And if not, then “the impudent person who has thought that she from those who such easily available also is given to each passer”. And so pretty often. It is very difficult to explain it, it should be experienced. Therefore — forward on appointments behind experience.

About importance of appearance, material prosperity, education and development.


All this very much and very important. Here tell me: you would like to meet the well-groomed, educated, careful girl or with e-e-e … well you have understood. Here and they too. Of course, for the man appearance isn’t so important, as for the girl: whatever was well-groomed too stout woman, defects of a figure will prevail, and it is sometimes pardonable to man to have a paunch (though we and for sports bodies).

First of all, you have to be always tidy. An exception — when you are ill at home. Or you gather mushrooms in the wood. Or you catch fish in one hundred kilometers from the next city. But if you are in the place where there is an essential probability to meet the lady of the dream — if you please to look suitably. She will meet you on clothes, and your excuses about the fact that “usually you clean footwear, just today ran out and wasn’t in time” will interest nobody.

All this concerns your hairstyle, manicure, boots, trousers, a shirt. You like to wear trousers — desire to wear them stroked. And never put on one trousers two days running. The same concerns a shirt: never put on a shirt. Also remember that the shirt is worn one day — then it is waited by washing. The hairstyle has to be accurate. In principle, it is necessary to be cut so often that it was noticeable only to those people who see you every day. About manicure, I hope, all is clear. To pick up the easiest way to itself good clothes — to address the specialist stylist. The service costs money, but most often this money pays off on discounts.

About your house.


Each temper has to have the house. The place where you will bring the girlfriends. It is ideal if it is your certain apartment. Also the certain room and an arrangement with parents if you live with them together will descend. It can be the apartment calculated on several companions-supporters, the room in halls, the apartment of the friend. Anything, the main thing that to you it was comfortable together with girls there. One well-known Moscow pikaper is regularly pinned up the fact that a toilet of night clubs — his home.

About women.


And it is the most important question. Anyway, but in life of each man there comes that moment when at him questions of women begin to arise. And if before sex or wasn’t, or this subject was in every possible way suppressed and found itself only in idiotic articles in glossy and yellow editions, then today there is such remarkable resource as Пикап.Ру.

He has appeared in 2005. It was that time when we have decided to be engaged in studying of a question of relationship of men and women professionally. That is to find for it practically all free time, to advise people, to earn with it money.

  • For all these years we have trained more than 10 000 men. We saved marriages and created new couples. We exposed dinamshchitsa, tamed bitches, turned virgins into the macho, but most often just helped ordinary guys to find answers to the simplest questions:
  • How to me to save my relations?
  • How to find to itself the girlfriend?
  • How to make so that she loved me?
  • What to do if I want to have several girlfriends?
  • What to do if I want to have serious relations with one?

We answered these questions with different methods. We wrote articles on the website which we advise to read you first of all. We have made a forum where you can ask the question. We have created the unique technique of training which was embodied in trainings.

At the same time it isn’t so important for us, you want to have one beloved girlfriend or to lead the playboy’s life. We want that men were men. That they were in the lead in the relations. That women loved them and cared for them.

Therefore we have made this project for men, and have devoted it to women. And we are sure that with his help we will make happy both those, and others.

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Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!


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