Pickup and Serious Relationships

Pickup and Serious Relationships

Many people think that pick-up and permanent relationships are incompatible things. In fact, this is a delusion.

Quite often they tell me that a pick-up truck at some point in the relationship should go into normal communication. This is not true! The fact is that in always “simple relationships” there is a place for scandals and mutual insults, which exhaust, pull the veins and just spoil the nerves (oh, as I know it !!!) In the pickup there is no such. You are emotionally detached, do not give anything special significance … because finding out the relationship is DLV!

A girl who only needs to feel you “her” always tries to test you for strength (shit-tests) and frame (to control you). How to deal with this? There are two ways, choose the one that suits you best, I usually use both depending on the situation and my own mood🙂

The first is to simply ignore it. It’s not easy, if a friend runs around, shaking her fists at you with curses and all sorts of nonsense such as the advice of her friends and “in my place the other one would have left you with such quirks long ago!” I would not give up. You yourself can not imagine how flexible the female psyche is ready to tolerate any crap that happens to it. Think about this at least: at work, women are often underpaid, competitors are substituting each other (we, the peasants, are so far away from such intrigues, and somehow 🙂 , they all suffer.) Well, I’m diverted, we’ll return to our  rams’  friends!

The most interesting thing is  that this method, though not simple, works absolutely always, even when you are wrong, not it. Girls are social creatures, and are led to social tricks like perch on bloodworms on a hook. She will reconcile herself, just shut up. My dad does this masterly, despite the fact that my mother is a lady … um … extremely impulsive (so much that I do not remember the day without a scandal when I remember how I lived with them 🙂 )

The second way is to gambit. For me, it’s much better, because you just extinguish any scandal in the bud. The fact is that if you look closely at the communication of a couple in LTR (long-term relationships), you can reveal an interesting pattern: a girl often tries to quarrel “for discharge” – and uses small provocations for this, pressing on sore spots and other “stress points”. That is, here it usually suits her that you are scattering your things around the apartment, but today you are enraged. 🙂 Well, you must!

With the help of the game, these provocations can be put out or put the conversation in the right direction (for example, in the game), but a woman can simply not give up. For example, my girlfriend often says- “I’m sick of these your pickup things, I want to find out the question properly.” Here’s an idiot, you think – why did she tell about the pickup? He told me not to stop at one place even in LTR: in the end, the pickup works anyway, I just have to do it more and more subtly. And the fact that I’m a pick-up – even DHV, because the girl knows what her competition is, and does not relax🙂

So if you are sucked into a quagmire of “serious” relationships, my advice to you is not to hide anything. If she finds out herself (and someday she does) she will give it much more attention. And if you say it yourself – at first he will wave it off and think that you will ponte (“it’s still not working for me, I’m such a fuckin ‘thing” … well, yes, yes … that’s why you listen to my routines, opening my mouth 🙂 ) and then he will start to be jealous, again to your advantage.

The power of the pickup is that he understands how the connections between people work, and makes an informed choice, and not just drifting down the river.

Be a man, do not let her turn you around! And do not forget the smile …

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