Pickuper rules of etiquette of holding appointment.

Pickuper rules of etiquette of holding appointment

Pickuper rules of etiquette of holding appointment

These rules are extremely simple. Their logic the is as follows: girl too the person, at her the rights, equal with you, … and duties. But there are nuances. Therefore I want to acquaint you with five basic rules of etiquette which should be observed during the romantic appointment.

How to behave if the girl is late for an appointment? So, present a situation: you have arrived on time on the meeting place, have dialed her number and …

  1. She cheerfully takes the call and says that she runs and will be in about ten minutes. Nothing terrible, happens. You can punish or tell somehow for fun it something from a series: “I will know from now on that you are a girl punctual and to you it is necessary to be late for a meeting exactly for ten minutes”. But strongly don’t focus attention — it is petty.
  2. She cheerfully takes the call and says that she goes and will be in about twenty minutes. It is much worse. First, she or a not responsibleor not especially appreciates you and your time. Secondly, she can go not 20 minutes, and all 30 or 40. And thirdly, you should make the decision now. What? What would you make if any of your friends has acted this way? Probably, wouldn’t stick out on the street as the fool, and either would cancel a meeting, or would continue to wait where it isn’t really boring. In the same way behave in a situation with the girl. And precisely it will be necessary to state to her that so can’t be done.
  3. The subscriber doesn’t pick up the phone. Here everything is absolutely simple: as in old times, you wait for 15 minutes, then you leave. To be late for a meeting, without having warned moreover and not to answer a call — disrespect top. It isn’t necessary to communicate with such girl.

To pay or not to pay for the girl on an appointment? In an amicable way, it is necessary to pay. You can represent, of course, the basic companion who considers that everyone has to pay for himself … But if you act this way, then the probability of a seducing will decrease. However the question is more difficult, than it seems at first sight: there are subtleties.

  1. When the girl orders drink and a dessert, the guy doesn’t take a steam bath and pays. If you because of such trifle are smothered by a toad — be not engaged in a seducing better.
  2. If the girl begins to order much everything, quietly listen to her, and then at once ask the waiter to make the separate account. If the girl begins to be indignant, I recommend to send her to all devils: most likely, you have run on a dynamo.
  3. If you order to yourself salad, more hotly etc., the girl has full moral authority to make the similar order. You pay for everything.
  4. If the girl wants to pay the half of the account, it is better to tell quietly: “Don’t take a steam bath” — and to pay off most. If the girl continues to insist — and what, let pays.
  5. You can pay the bill and ask it to throw money for tea.
  • If you are late for an appointment, call the girl and in detail explain what to do to her while she waits for you. Example: “Listen, I have got stuck in a stopper here and I am late for about twenty minutes. Look, there is a cafe, come into it, order to yourself a cake and a cappuccino, I will be, well soon? Only cake low-calorie!”
  • She has kept the appointment and at once has declared that she has only half an hour. It is bad: it is worth warning about such things in advance. What shall I do? Quietly communicate, don’t invest in her strongly, but try to interest, and then don’t call at least a few weeks. If has well interested — she will be shown.
  • She has come not one. For example, has dragged with itself the girlfriend. It is, of course, absolutely exotic case, besides usually young children so behave. It is necessary to understand that the seducing has ended for today — circus representation has begun. So have a good time and do anything. You want — glue the girlfriend, you want — ask that they treated you and looked after you. Emergence on an appointment together — an act of the child, but not adult. And it is very cool to play with children.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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