Pikaper. What it mean?

Pikaper. What it mean?

Hello, dear friend.

Who such pikaper? Whether it is good to be the pikaper? Sometimes the pickup is called by a pikaping. Read article and learn everything about pikaper!

The first programmers have brought the pickup. It they the first in the ancient Internet have found the foreign websites where our colleagues in foreign languages told each other about scary effective psychotechnicians by means of whom girls will be tempted with packs. And it must be said, all of them understood these technicians owing to the mental capacities. And they had abilities … as at good programmers.

They looked for an algorithm, that magic formula which had to bring good luck. Him the sequence of actions was important: that, when, why, and if she answers so, that in this case. Where that phrase, a set of phrases, the technician which will allow to subordinate itself the woman?

These first pikaper have organized to themselves forums, conferences. And in these forums there was a great search of a magic tablet. It is necessary to tell that we, men, very much like to explain everything and to ask itself the question “why?”. We love logic, all of us try to explain logically. And at these forums programmers were active, here the level of logicality of all theories was ultraboundary!

These pikaper sometimes gathered, is more often to drink beer and to pickup girls. Following the results of such tests forums were filled with new subjects, new comments, new theories.

With popularity of the Internet also the pickup began to become more and more popular. Pikaperov there was more, about the pickaper women began to speak.

Having read forums, articles, women were shocked. How so, us here so, with the help the psychotechnician, the NLP, hypnosis some unclear pikaper will tempt? Yes where it is good? And how pure feelings?. Well and so on. It is necessary to add that certain characters added fuel to the fire. Someone gathered teams (to one terribly) and in such teams stuck to girls, without paying attention to reaction at all. Someone gave a reason for similar demotivators:

The word and journalists have added. It is known that bad news more rating, than good. All begin to discuss explosions, appearance of maniacs. To expose the pickup as a type of self-development of men to journalists it is uninteresting. It is far more interesting to tell how deceive unfortunate girls as they are tempted, and then throw. As the pickup school get in on a bubble scheme the pupils.

All this has led to the fact that the pickup became abusive word. If someone who not in a subject, heard the word “pickup” then, most likely, heard he it in a negative color. At our forum it is often possible to meet a question: “And what to answer if she asks: “You that, pikaper?”

But to stop such force as desire of the man it is impossible to tempt women, thank God. And through some time programmers were succeeded by professionals.

As Nick Jones to take a detached view for a good pikaper rather boringly likes to speak. He’s ok. He knows what he wants. He is surrounded by women, he is pleasant to them. Women don’t strain at all, having heard from him the word “pickup”. About such man you won’t shoot the film. It is interesting to whom to look if everything is good?

He agrees with him. It is much more interesting to observe how such man to it went. Not always he was such supermacho! Were and he has refusals, unsuccessful approaches, depressions, experiences. To oversleep with 10 women, the ordinary man needs to receive not less than 100 refusals. But such arithmetics didn’t stop these children.

Pikaper is a man to whom women are interesting. It is interesting to it to study them, to learn, develop most that better to understand them. And to tempt. But thanks to the created opinion still for many years society will consider that the pickup it is bad, and pikaper it is pimply students to whom nobody gives. But such opinion will interest the real pikaper in the latest turn.

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Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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