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Most seducers, like one, say that it is very, very easy to seduce a girl. But keeping relations with her is difficult. However, keeping the girl next to him is quite easy, if at least a little understanding of female psychology.


Pickup and Serious Relationships

Pickup and Serious Relationships Many people think that pick-up and permanent relationships are incompatible things. In fact, this is a delusion. Quite often they tell me that a pick-up truck at some point in the...

7 main mistakes after partings 0

7 main mistakes after partings.

7 main mistakes after partings Most often to return the ex-girlfriend those who have tried all the most widespread appeal to me (and in combination the most destructive) ways to revive her feelings. But,...

5 qualities of the popular man 0

5 qualities of the popular man.

5 qualities of the popular man. We have made the rating of qualities which will make you attractive in the opinion of most of girls.  How to develop in themselves these important skills. Read...