Rules of tempt. Part 1: Preparatory.

Rules of tempt. Part 1 Preparatory

Rules of tempt. Part 1: Preparatory

So, recruit-pikaper! Now you should take a short course on the subject “Rules of tempt “, and not from some Hitcha there. – become serious the master. All who think that the pickup begins with the moment of approach to the girl and the beginnings of a conversation with her – are deeply mistaken. Let’s begin much earlier – with you, we will pay attention to both appearance, and inner world.



Meet on clothes, in it the proverb is right therefore we will deal with your appearance.

First of all clothes and footwear have to be pure and well-groomed. Constantly watch purity of footwear, make it the habit. Women pay to it much more than attention, than it seems to you. Footwear shouldn’t have deep cracks, scratches or the ground-off heels, other clothes shouldn’t look old and strong worn, as well as. Laces shouldn’t be torn or, God forbid, have knots.

Now about clothes. You have to feel in her conveniently and comfortably, she has to be adequate to you. The clothes have to correspond to season and that place where you are going to go. You shouldn’t put on a leather jacket in the summer, or a strict suit to drink beer on a shop. Certainly, appearance is important, but your self-confidence and the clothes is much more important. And it is the best of all to carry those things which emphasize this confidence. In total – pure, without excess folds. Color has to approach all the rest.

In general, remember that the amount of pronounced colors in your clothes shouldn’t be more than three. Everything has to be your size – not too narrow if it isn’t demanded by a style, and not too wide or long. Avoid things with too bright logos of producers. You are a man with the style, but not walking advertizing. You, as if, parade the welfare, and it is a sign that for you it – abruptly and you want to show all it.

Remember, you put on so that to be pleasant to yourself, but not to show everything that you are able to afford this or that. Always and in everything avoid fakes. Not only that such things – the rubbish by definition, is a sign of nasty taste. The real clothes from some simple firm are much better than a fake under Hugo Boss. The fake always gives your desire to seem, but not to be. Your body has to be as it should be too completely as far as it in your forces.

The smile has to shine so don’t forget to brush teeth and to visit the stomatology’s. The smile – very powerful weapon and it has to be beautiful, not spoiled by a type of your teeth.

Nails have to be accurately cut, as on hands, and standing. Get rid of a habit to gnaw or bite nails if it is peculiar to you. It ugly looks in itself and very much spoils a type of hands. Both nails and hands surely have to be pure. In general, all your body has to be pure and not smell then, it to anybody not to taste. Watch skin, in time liquidating any spots and other troubles. Too deal with a hairstyle, the hairstyle and a hairstyle harmed nobody yet.

Don’t neglect perfume – from you has to smell well. Choose smells which are pleasant you which approach your style in clothes, attitude. Be individual in this question

Internal contents

Internal contents

Have dealt with external – we pass to internal. You have to be all the time correctly adjusted, that is positive, weakened, free and independent. Well, for a start you are a personality, you are an individual. If you are positive, all will be good, life is too small that in it any bad thoughts were located!

Be relaxed, and all your problems will begin to be solved much easier. You are free and independent of all, you solve how to you to arrive. Scoop the Resource from everywhere.

You need to learn to live in the present. Forget about the failures, about the unpleasant moments of the life. Learn to love yourself, raise an own self-assessment, become more independently, communicate with people more, show an initiative. All this will help you to become more sociable that will play a huge role not only in communication with friends, or acquaintance to girls, but even at employment.

If there is a fear of communication with the girl or people whom you don’t know – it is necessary to fight against it. Prepare a set of standard phrases, or questions, with versions of possible answers to them. It will give to confidence in the actions and phrases, will help to avoid a mistake or difficulty in communication or acquaintance. From you it is required to radiate affability, confidence and any nervousness. The voice has to be soft, not irritating. Work over a mimicry of the person. You have to radiate not only confidence, but also all the positive spirit on communication.

If you are well ready, you will always find what to tell, will always be able correctly to put yourself, it will be much easier for you to think, and you will feel just best of all.

Have dealt with themselves, now it is possible also on hunting to leave, especially beautiful girls a dime a dozen around… But about it in the following part of our “Rules of tempt”.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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