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Here we share the secrets of pick-up artists on how to seduce a girl. By and large, all the tactics of conquering women can be divided into many types. What a way to seduce a girl you choose for yourself, it’s up to you. In the world there is no universal pill, every girl needs a certain approach.

How to interest the girl 0

How to interest the girl?

How to interest the girl? If you managed to get acquainted with the girl or to somehow adjust with her communication, then it still far doesn’t mean that she already dreams to jump to...

Atypical mistakes in a seducing 0

Atypical mistakes in a seducing.

Atypical mistakes in a seducing This article is written not for beginners. Here we won’t answer the questions “how to approach and get acquainted?”, “what to tell?”, “how to be pleasant?”, “how to tempt?”....