To survive: how to be distinguished from her admirers.

To survive: how to be distinguished from her admirers.

Hello, dear friend.

Guys can spend a large number of forces, time and money to hold an appointment. They can believe that the girl has managed to see their rich inner world. But in practice it turns out so that she all the same doesn’t see in them anything special.

Not everyone really can be distinguished from her admirers.

However, for this purpose it isn’t obligatory to do something grandiose, to sing for her at stadium or to force to jump with a parachute.

Rather just to do everything as most of guys doesn’t do.

I present to your attention a selection of several simple receptions which will allow you to achieve the and to force it to pay on you special attention. You will be able to achieve strong effect if you use all these councils, and not just two-three from them.

Kiss on a cheek at acquaintance.

man kissing woman on cheek

The elementary reception. However very few people from guys have courage it to make. And here if after capture of number you quickly give smacking kiss to her in a cheek, then she will be slightly surprised and will see in you confidence in the intentions.

The main thing – not jump on her is sharp that she wasn’t frightened. Just try to stand nearby that a small inclination of a trunk to reach her cheek.

Lying in a bed with girls I repeatedly heard that most of all he remembered it.


Transfer of acquaintance to an appointment.

Cute hansome couple on date with flowers

As at us it is accepted: the guy meets the girl, speaks with her minutes 5, and then takes phone and runs away. One it is done because of fear (don’t know what to speak further about). Others – because of sports interest to manage to take numbers from 10 girls.

But now it is already not enough that the girl has remembered you and, especially, has agreed to go to a meeting.

And what happens if you transfer acquaintance to an appointment?

So you will show that your intentions to tempt her are stronger, than at others (= she really is pleasant to you). Besides, it will help you to stand out from the crowd another getting acquainted who increases speed from the place right after exchange of numbers.

Just look at her and after a pause in 3-5 seconds ask: “You don’t hurry? Let’s go we will drink coffee?!”. And after one more pause in 3-5 seconds take by hand and begin to lead.

Small talk + flirtation.


Instead of her questions of where she studies and what at her on purpose life, try to put emphasis on ease in communication.

Instead of the bothered questions ask interesting questions. For example: “You would like to become for one day a guy?”, and then: “And what you then would make?”.

Or, as it is done by cheerful guys, just discuss her unusual jacket. Or boots. Or how she ridiculously goes on a slippery path. Develop simple subjects, continuing to pin up her.

Generally, do everything that your communication was simple and, at the same time, cheerful.

Two unusual strategy of the beginning of a seducing.


The first: you pleasantly communicate with her by phone, tell interesting stories, joke and use flirtation. But you don’t invite her to an appointment at least 2-3 weeks (until she doesn’t show to you strong interest).

This strategy demands from you great patience, abilities it is interesting to communicate and to correctly estimate existence/lack of interest.

The first few days she will believe that soon from you meeting invitation will follow. But then will begin to doubt what in general is pleasant to you as the girl. She will try to ask about why you don’t invite her to an appointment. Or to hint at it.

And only then you will be able to call her somewhere.

There is a probability that she won’t ask you about it. Then you will invite her to a meeting itself in 1-2 months.

There is no guarantee that this strategy will work. But the fact that you will stand out from the crowd – the fact. πŸ™‚

Second strategy: you invite her to an appointment at once, you hold it so that she has received many emotions, and then just you take and you vanish for about 2 weeks at least.

She will write you and to call. Answer not all calls and sms, and answer far not immediately.

On the one hand, you were with her and have shown to her interest. With another – was sharply gone.

It will enter her into a condition of a dissonance that 24 hours a day will force it to think of you.

how to say “no”!


When you make an appointment, the girl often says to you that she at her won’t turn out. At best, offers the options.

She will make attempts to impose the conditions not only at the time of the conversation on an appointment, but also during all seducing.

Your task – to show that you won’t adapt to it.

For example, if she has refused an appointment tonight and speaks: “Perhaps to be tomorrow”, you can tell the following: “No, tomorrow I can’t – I go with friends to the movies”.

And in general, learn to speak “no”. Girls have got used that all guys under them cave in, and those who are able to refuse, have the increased appeal (because aren’t afraid to make it :)).

Unusual format of an appointment.


Present a situation: you walk in the park, the girl thinks that it “another appointment in the park”. But here you, quite unexpectedly get champagne and some edible delicacies from under a bench.

The girl will be at least surprised. And as at most, will remember this appointment for a long time.

Only don’t speak to her about it in advance, otherwise the necessary effect won’t be reached.

Besides a picnic in the park you can reduce her to the place where hold the Chinese tea ceremonies. Why is also not present? Not each guy conducts the girl to such places. πŸ™‚

You can think up anything. And the main thing – to make it without big expenses.

In this article I have cited as an example only little bit of what you can make. Ideally: you have to get to yourself a habit to think constantly of how to make as nobody else doesn’t do. It concerns also your behavior at a meeting, both your talk, and places for an appointment. Having learned to differ, you will seduce beauties not less effectively, than it is done by skilled tempers.

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Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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