Warm-up – head to the all!

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Warm-up –head to the all!

Don’t trust if you are told that it not so. Any athlete, if he really the professional of the business, doesn’t begin to subject himself to heavy loading without preliminary warming up. In soccer as warm-up serves easy jogging and extensions. In a rocking chair before taking big weight in a press lying, it is accepted to warm up with a signature stamp. In the pickup …

In the pickup, as a rule, all are so cool that warm-up is necessary to nobody. And when after a couple of refusals or verbal nonsense from the man the most beautiful women turn away, so they are silly women – couldn’t estimate all your rich inner world. And you, naturally, well done! What there can be doubts?

Unfortunately, if to address experience of most of guys, it is possible to note one important detail. Whatever skilled the man possessed, in communication with women there are always moments when he is in a stupor. Most often it occurs for two reasons:

1) The man is tired physically;

2) The man is under strong influence of emotions.

In both cases it is possible to draw a conclusion one: staying in such state, the man isn’t ready to communication (and the more so to acquaintance) with the beautiful girl. And warm-up serves as that tool which allows “to lift in the shortest possible time fighting spirit”.

Options of warm-ups:

  • Warm-up independent – the most inefficient way. For his realization it is necessary to remember briefly those tools which you are going to use right now, their features and experience of their use with other girls.
  • Warm-up with the friend – average by efficiency, but rather often helping out method. All ingenious is simple: we get phone and we call the friend, it is desirable for the one who after your phrase “Help to be adjusted on communication with the girl” surely will support and will inspire.
  • Warm-up on “exercise machines” – the most effective option, but is the most difficult to realize it. Before communication with “that” communicate to other girls, it is desirable not less attractive, than an object of your adoration. To you their reaction therefore you will feel more relaxedly will be not so important. At the same time you at least will knead language and as at most … Goodness knows!. 😉

Well and at last the example which has become already classics:

Present that you stand on the beach. Weather is rather warm to bathe, but the sea hasn’t got warm yet. You try water toes and understand that there it is precisely cold. Slowly you come into water, you go further, on a body goosebumps run, to you it is uncomfortable. You understand that if at once to plunge, it will become easier, but that it to make, it is necessary to overcome itself. Couple more of steps and you after all have plunged into water. Several seconds a body get used, and, at last, it is possible to float quietly.

And now other situation. You stand on the same beach. But before coming into water, you have taken a shower. You are already wet, and water doesn’t seem to you so cold. You take couple of steps and jump in water. In what difference from the first option? Difference only that you were prepared.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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